INTERALIA | 13 June 2018


Marie Munk has been interviewed by Interalia Magazine about her practice, her Magic Wand performance at Code Art Fair and her dual-exhibition with Stine Deja, Synthetic Seduction, originally shown at Annka Kultys Gallery. Discussing the dissolving boundaries between the body and the mind in contemporary digital society, Munk says: “Our body holds our mind, which constantly pushes the boundaries of the body and explores new territories for the extension of the body’s identity. This tension has only been reinforced in the virtual world where our minds can go wandering, without the flabby gravity of the body to hold it back. With the digital universe we enter a post-human approach to the human, which challenges our carnality. The body has become liquid and editable, dissolved into carefully selected and vehemently retouched fragments.” Synthetic Seduction is currently on view at SixtyEight Art Institute in Copenhagen until 4 August. You can find the full interview here.

IT’S NICE THAT | 6 February 2018

Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja has been interviewed and profiled by Daphne Milner for It’s Nice That. Focusing on her work 4K Zen, the author explores Deja’s relationship to the commodification of mindfulness. Describing her impetus in creating the project, Deja says: “4K Zen is a stress diet that promises an escape from the complexity of modern life by combining meditation and infomercials. I created it at a time when I felt haunted by bad news politically, societally and environmentally.” Deja’s dual-show, Synthetic Seduction, with Marie Munk, will open at Annka Kultys Gallery on 21 February. To read Deja’s full profile, click here.

ARTLAND | 31 August 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

In an article about gender disparities between men and women in the arts, Mikkel Carl mentions Stine Deja’s installation of 4K Zen at Code Art Fair in Copenhagen. The fair, he write, is “pure girl power.” To read the full article, click here.