ATHENS BIENNALE | 27 October 2018


Tonight in Athens, from 21:30 – 22:00, Signe Pierce will be performing A glitch in the echo chamber of big sister’s cave at TSMEDE as part of the Athens Biennale. Within the performance Pierce appears as a “Big Sister” or a “data dominatrix,” bitching herself into the other’s visual territory to rob personal data whilst residing within an echo chamber, a techno-simulacrum of mediated life. For more information, click here.

E-FLUX | 30 September 2018


New work by Signe Pierce will debut in the 6th Athens Biennale, titled ANTI. The biennale will run from October 26 – December 9, 2018. The artists participating in ANTI inhabit the center of Athens offering a distinct, idiosyncratic and uneasy screenshot of our political, social and cultural momentum. To read the full article on e-flux, click here.

TUMBLR IRL | 26 June 2018

Annka Kultys Gallery

Tumblr artist-in-residence Signe Pierce has created an immersive lighting and set installation for rock band 5 Seconds of Summer’s performance at the Tumblr IRL party. Featuring radiant light direction, artistic projections and a holographic photo installation, Pierce’s set design brought the band’s latest album Youngblood, the group’s third Billboard No. 1 release, to life. To see images of the event and for a full recap, click here.

H0L0 | 13 June 2018


Tonight, Signe Pierce will conduct an experimental performance and DJ set at the Squeegee NYC party at h0l0 in Queens, New York. Also slated for the night are Mood Killer, DJ Solidarity, Pauli Cakes and more. For more information and the full line up of performers, click here.

DUESSELDORF PHOTO | 17 February 2018


Signe Pierce will perform at Duesseldorf Photo in Germany as part of a performance series titled “On the Internet Nobody Knows You’re a Performance Artist” alongside Andy Kassier. In this performance,  which is a continuation of her “Virtual Normality” performance series, Pierce will present her theories on the mediation of culture and experience. The performance, curated by Anika Meier, will take place tonight, 17 February, at 22:30 at NRW Forum Dusseldorf.

UNTITLED GALLERY | 16 January 2018


Photographic work by Signe Pierce is included in the upcoming group show, ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE, at Untitled Gallery in New York City. Curated by Indira Cesarine, the show includes work by more than 80 artists responding to the political climate in the United States following the election of Donald Trump. “ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE features artwork across all mediums addressing the issues our society has been confronted with since the election,” the exhibition description reads, “such as immigration rights, health care, reproductive rights, climate change, transgender rights, white supremacy, gender equality, gun control, sexual harassment, as well as countless other issues which have given rise to mass protest throughout the United States and abroad over the past year.” The show will run from 17 January to 04 February 2018. For more information, click here.

HUMAN RESOURCES LA | 4 November 2017


Signe Pierce performed a new work, entitled Virtual Normality, at Human Resources Gallery in Los Angeles. Described by the artist as  “a performance inside of a lecture inside of a philosophy,” Virtual Normality seeks to liberate the viewer from confining postmodern thought, instead drawing from traditional utopian views of digital culture, which point towards the unifying capabilities of contemporary technologies. Watch part of the performance here.