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TIME OUT LONDON | 8 October 2017

!Mediengruppe’s upcoming exhibition at AKG, is reported in Time Out. The author writes: “Their show at Hackney’s Annka Kultys Gallery promises to be just as madcap, simultaneously using and disrupting the internet through their own wily activities.” Read the full article here .

TANK MAGAZINE | 6 October 2017

Stine Deja spoke on Tank Magazine about her second solo exhibition There is Life Outside at Annka Kultys Gallery. Deja talks about “how the show is intended to expose  the ways in which our lives are increasingly artificial.” Read the full interview here.

GALLERIES NOW | 6 October 2017

Stine Deja: There’s Life Outside is featured as one of Galleries Now top exhibition recommendations in today’s Frieze London Special edition of the Weekender. More info here.


Stine Deja There’s is Life Outside, is featured in Wall Street International Art.  More information can be found  here.

KUNSTVEREIN FREIBURG | 15 September 2017

Ivana Basic is is on view at the Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany as part of the exhibition Immortalimus. The exhibition is on view at Kunstverein Freiburg 15 September – 29 October 2017. More information can be found here.


Signe Pierce’s exhibition Faux Realites was reviewed by Art Maze International art critic Christina Nafziger. Nafziger writes,  first solo show “Annka Kultys Gallery has brought thought-provoking exhibitions to East London that have generated a dialogue surrounding new, digital techniques being utilized by contemporary artists. Its Summer exhibition Faux Realities, showcasing the photography of artist Signe Pierce , proved to be of no exception. Read the complete article here.

CREATORS | 30 July 2017

Signe Pierce’s work is on show at ‘The Future of Her’ by Galeria Melissa in New York. ‘The Future of Her’ is an interactive art project presented at the new concept store, Galeria Melissa, featuring art and video installations curated by Kelsey and Rémy Bennett, and featuring Sam Cannon and Signe Pierce, as well as multimedia architecture from Brazilian visual artist Muti Randolph. A review by Creators can be found here.

KPISSFM | 30 July 2017

Molly Soda is in conversation with KPISS.FM. Listen to the full interview here.

AQNB | 27 July 2017

AQNB interviews Damian Griffiths about the ‘] [‘ group show at Annka Kultys Gallery. “What I hope the audience gets from this exhibition is that nothing is given, everything has intention.  The walls might be painted white but they are not invisible. The documentation of the show may be natural but it is not neutral.” Read the full interview here.

THE BARN SHOW | 27 July 2017

“Unquestionable Optimism” this year’s “The Barn Show” by Johannes Vogt Gallery opens tomorrow. The show includes the work of Ivana Baśič, Alexandra Gorczynski and Anne Vieux, alongside many others. Find all the details here.

AQNB | 17 July 2017

Stine Deja’s work is included in “And if I left off dreaming about you?”, a group exhibition at Polignano a Mare’s Like A Little Disaster open from 18 June to 18 August 2017. The show also includes work by Gioia Di Girolamo, Motoko Ishibashi, Lito Kattou, Botond Keresztesi and Maurizio Vicerè – Vice, and explores “the boundary between awake and sleep within the technological, visual and iconographic landscape in which we are now immersed”. View images of the show on AQNB here.

THE BROOKLYN RAIL | 14 July 2017

William Corwin reviews Ivana Bašić’s solo show “Through the hum of black velvet sleep” in The Brooklyn Rail. The exhibition was on show at Marlborough Contemporary, New York from 25 May to 24 June 2017. Corwin states “The golden age of humanity wants to gain control of—and master—the fundamental constants of existence: transformation, expiration, and death. Bašić’s elaborate installation is about loss of control in the face of this quest—the side effects of the attempt at eternal youth. Read the full article here.

FAD | 10 July 2017

Tabitha Steinberg interviews Anne Vieux on FAD and asks her about her work and recent exhibition at Annka Kultys Gallery. Elaborating on the show’s title Mesh, Vieux states, “I was thinking about the barrier between screens and the body as one layer of mesh, as well as the architecture of the gallery as a mesh. The more I thought about mesh, I was able to structure ideas around mediation, the body, femininity.” Read the full interview here.

ARTNET | 8 July 2017

Artnet lists “Unquestionable Optimism – The Barn Show” with Ivana Baśič, Alexandra Gorczynski and Anne Vieux as one of its 12 Must-See Art Shows Happening in the Hamptons This Summer. Read the full article here.


Writer and curator Paul Carey-Kent has reviewed AKG group show ] [ . He writes, “It’s primary appeal is the quality of work tending to deconstruct the body, and hence physical presence…” Read the full review here.

DRØME | 29 JUNE 2017

Molly Soda was interviewed by DRØME about her video commission for Italian magazine StaiZitta entitled Hole in My Bucket, 2017. Elaborating on the video’s unusual setting Soda describes “There’s something fantasy-like to be in a nature setting—it’s almost completely false to me in a lot of ways. Especially when you’re recording it and putting it online, you’re saying ‘hey look at me doing this thing outside away from computers but let me show it to you [online].’” Read the full interview here.

FAD | 25 June 2017

FAD has named Signe Pierce one of the “Top 8 Art Exhibitions to see this week in London.” Tabish Khan writes “Beauty is found in consumerism and its byproducts.” Read the full article here

LONDONIST | 23 June 2017

Signe Pierce exhibition ‘Faux Realities’, was included in Londonist Things To Do Today in London: Friday 23 June, 2017. “Fluorescent lights, escalators in Vegas, a flower in a puddle. All glow in bright neon colours in a photography exhibition designed for the Instagram generation. .” says writer Tabish Khan, “Beauty is found in consumerism and its byproducts” Read the complete article here.

THIS IS TOMORROW | 22 June 2017

Signe Pierce exhibition at AKG is reviewed by Alice Bucknell for This is Tomorrow. “‘Faux Realities’ is a touchstone for this series of simulacra: it is the first time that Pierce’s photographs have been exhibited off the screen, and to a scale larger than a desktop monitor (or more commonly, one’s iPhone: a nice synchrony with their mode of capture). Blown up to size A0 prints and edited accordingly, the photographs appear like a HDR vision cloaked in low-res fuzzy ambience.”, writes Bucknell. Read the full review here.

CREATORS VICE | 20 June 2017

Ivana Basic’s exhibition at Marlborough Gallery, New York, was reviewed in Creator Vice. In the review, writher Beckett Mufson points to how “Bašić’s sculptures have been compared to the movie monsters of H.R. Giger and Ridley Scott. A more accurate conceptual reference, however, would be the stories of Franz Kafka, a key influence on Bašić’s work.” Read the complete review here.

MOUSSE | 16 June 2017

Signe Pierce’s exhibition ‘Faux Realities’ at AKG was featured on Mousse magazine. More info can be found here.

UNRATED | 13 June 2017

Faux Realities’, Signe Pierce’s exhibition at AKG was reviewed by Eric Iannitti for Unrated. “For Pierce, the series is a meditation on the increasingly murky notion of what we consider “real” in both life and art today, in the age of fake news, digital art and sophisticated editing tools”, writes Iannitti. Read the full article here.


Signe Pierce’s solo exhibition at AKG ‘Faux Realities’ is reported in Wall Street International. More info can be found here.

GOWITHYAMO | 9 June 2017

Signe Pierce’s exhibition ‘Faux Realities’ at AKG was reviewed by Gowithyamo. “This electric show encompasses a series of fascinations and encourages the viewer to consider what is ‘real’ in an increasingly simulated world.” Read the full review here.

DAZED | 9 June 2017

Signe Pierce was interviewed by Ione Gamble for Dazed Magazine about her current show at AKG ‘Faux Realities’. “By straddling reality and illusion, the New York based artist exposes the absurdities of femininity while also proving its a force to be reckoned with”, writes Gamble. Read the full interview here.

ARTFORUM | 9 June 2017

Ivana Baśič’s current solo show at Marlborough Contemporary in New York was reviewed by Artforum. “Her work suggests that we have not yet tasted the trauma we have envisioned. We are merely testing its reality”, writes Matthew Weinstein. Read the full article here.

ARTSY | 7 June 2017

Molly Soda was interviewed by Artsy on her current solo show at 315 Gallery in Brooklyn. “ ‘I’m just happy to be here’ presents a multitude of Mollys… Soda taps into a tension familiar with anyone who has ever used the internet: the inevitable discrepancy between the way we’re perceived online …and the way we actually are in real life”, writes Casey Lesser. Read the full article here.

MOUSSE | May 2017

Anne Vieux’s exhibition ‘mesh’ was featured on Mousse magazine. Read the full article here.

ATP DIARY | 4 June 2017

Anne Vieux was interviewed by Giulia Ponzano about her recent show ‘mesh’ at AKG. Meditating on the show’s title Vieux is quoted saying: “I used the concept of enmeshment loosely, thinking about how the viewer might be seduced into the surfaces of the paintings, and boundaries between what is physical / digital.” Read the full interview here.

ARTRABBIT | 1 June 2017

Molly Soda’s solo exhibition ‘I’m just happy to be here’ at Gallery 315 in New York is reported on Artrabbit. The author writes: “In her most recent exhibition Soda brings many of the themes she’s played with in the past a step further, encouraging her patrons to interact with her work in a physical space.” Read the full article here.

ARTFORUM | 26 May 2017

Ivana Bašić is featured in the May issue of Artforum in Top 10. Read the full article here.

315 GALLERY | 25 May 2017

Molly Soda’s first solo exhibition in New York I’m Just Happy to Be Here opens on 2 June at 315 Gallery. Read the full press release here.


Ivana Bašić’s exhibition Through the hum of black velvet sleep opens today at Marlborough Contemporary in New York. This exhibition “builds upon the premise of dust as the absolute reduction of the world, a substance in which the world is anonymously contained…” Read the full press release here.

AQNB | 24 May 2017

Ivana Bašić’s solo exhibition this month at Marlborough Contemporary in New York is reported on AQNB. “Looking at dust, particles, form, as well as physical states of pressure, density and porosity, Bašić will immerse us in the relationship between body and universe”, the author writes. Read the full article here.

THE LONDONIST | 24 May 2017

Anne Vieux’s exhibition mesh at AKG is described as “digitally mesmerising” in the Londonist’s Art Review and list of “Things to do today in London”. Read the full article here.

FAD MAGAZINE | 21 May 2017

Anne Vieux’s current exhibition mesh at AKG is included in Tabish Khan’s list of “The Top Nine Exhibitions to see this week in London”. Khan writes that the works “…fool the eyes and appear to change right in front of us.” Read the full article here.

ARTSPACE | 11 MAY 2017

Ivana Baśič is included in Artspace’s review of ’10 artists to watch this May’. “…for the artist, these sick looking forms … reflect society’s fetishization of the ‘beautiful’, idealised body.” write Loney Abrams and Will Fenstermaker. Read the full article here.


Stine Deja was interviewed by Charlotte Barnard for Traction Magazine about her recent show Cyphoria at AKG. “In ‘Cyphoria’, the capitalisation of human emotion by the techno-bubble has been laid bare”, writes Barnard. Read the full interview here .

FORGE ART MAG | 1 May 2017

Molly Soda was interviewed by Matthew James-Wilson for Forge Art Mag about her artistic practice and identity. “Her pendulum swings from sincere to performative, but never goes outside the realm of honesty. As she continues to navigate the world wide web… she brings to light the human patterns the internet brings out in everyone who uses it”, writes James-Wilson. Read the full interview here.

MOUSSE MAGAZINE | 28 April 2017

Anne Vieux’s exhibition mesh at AKG is mentioned on Mousse Magazine. Read the full article here .

GALLERIES NOW | 27 April 2017

Anne Vieux’s mesh as AKG is featured on Galleries Now, with the inclusion of VR 360 degree views of the exhibition. Read the full article here.

AQNB | 27 April 2017

mesh , Anne Vieux’ exhibition at AKG, is reported by AQNB. More information can be found  here.

FEM MAGAZINE | 24 April 2017

Molly Soda was interviewed by Rebecca Vorich for Fem Magazine with regards to her exhibition ‘thanks for the add’ and her recently published book ‘Pics or it didn’t happen: Images banned from Instagram’. Soda’s work “is putting the utopian internet to rest and illumination the subtle workings of the corporate influence”, writes Vorich. Read the full interview here.

COMMUNIQUE | 21 April 2017

Signe Pierce features in the exhibition Cybercy at the UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art, Colorado. Her video work American Reflexxx is part of the exhibition’s exploration around “how the Internet affects perceptions of public and private spaces, as well as how people navigate the real, the digital, and the hyper-real”. Read the full article here.


Anne Vieux was interviewed by Alternative Escape about her upcoming solo exhibition Mesh at AKG this month. “This exhibition will create a space for the viewers’ bodies to exist within the mesh of the work, but also an out of body element…potentially a parallel virtual experience.” explains Vieux. Read the full interview here.

PLAYBOY | 19 April 2017

Signe Pierce was interviewed by Samantha Saiyavongsa for Playboy. Pierce is quoted saying, “I’m not afraid to be an artist who embraces new media and uses social media as a platform…The people who need to see art the most are the people who aren’t in the art world.” Read the full article here.

FAD | 16 April 2017

Stine Deja’s exhibition Cyphoria at AKG is mentioned as one of the top 7 art exhibitions to see in London this week by Fad. Tabish Khan describes it as “surreal and imaginative”. Read the full article here.

THE TANGENTIAL | 14 April 2017

Molly Soda and Arvida Byström’s book Pics or it didn’t happen is reviewed by Jay Gabler for the Tangential. “Pics or It Didn’t Happen complicates the idea of Instagram — or any other online social network — as a “community”, writes Gabler. Read the full article here .

THE QUIETUS | 9 April 2017

Concrete Jungle, the recent exhibition of works by Tamar Guimarães, Michelle Williams Gamaker and Julia Kouneski at AKG, was reviewed by Robert Barry for The Quietus. Barry describes Gamaker and Kouneski’s  Scaling Copan ( 2009) as “a lesson in finding moments of joy in even the most precarious of situations.” Read the full article here.

ART RABBIT | 5 April 2017

Art Rabbit has named Cyphoria among the top picks of contemporary art not to miss in London this month. Read the full article here.


Cyphoria, Stine Deja’s current exhibition at AKG, is mentioned in Wall Street International. ” Read the full article here.

WIDEWALLS | 2 April 2017

Molly Soda was interviewed by Widewalls with regards to her latest exhibition “thanks for the add!” at leiminspace in Los Angeles. “It’s a show about my early life online and it deals with this era of sharing things before the social media we know today came up…(it) deals with questions about archiving and with how we put so much faith in the Internet” says Soda. Read the full interview here.

TIME OUT | March 2017

Cyphoria, Stine Deja’s current exhibition at AKG, is reported in Time Out. The author writes: “The London-based artist’s first show at the Bethnal Green space will involve… an immersive installation modelled around an airport departure lounge. ” Read the full article here .

GALLERIES NOW | March 2017

Stine Deja’s Cyphoria at AKG is mentioned on Galleries Now. Read the full article here.

PURPLE | 30 March 2017

Signe Pierce is reviewed in Purple Art in relation to her debut solo exhibition Virtual Normality in Vienna. Philip Draxler writes : “For her show, Pierce elevated the intimate architecture of the gallery (a former apartment), into a techno-esque living space”, adding that “the artist explores how our hyper-mediated perception tends to alter our conception of “actual reality” within an increasingly virtual world.” Read the full article here.

BECAUSE | 24 March 2017

Stine Deja’s current exhibition at AKG was reviewed by Dino Bonacic for Because Magazine. Bonacic points to the way that the exhibition proposes “to travel into a cyber world of satire and absurdity, all through her virtual travel agency called Cyphoria.” and how “to enter Deja’s virtual world you really don’t need a passport, just an open mind and a sense of humour.” Read the full article here.


Signe Pierce was interviewed by Ralph Arida for Plastik Magazine. Pierce is quoted saying: “I use my world, my mind, and my body as a medium … When you take the mediums/medias associated with art and combine it with the everyday performativity of reality stars, you get “Reality Art”. Art is no longer trapped within the confines of gallery walls… it’s anywhere with a wifi connection.” Read the full article here.

ANTI-UTOPIAS | 24 March 2017

Stine Deja’s Cyphoria, the current exhibition at AKG, is mentioned by the Cluj-Napoca based contemporary art platform Anti-Utopias. Read the full article here 

ARTSPACE | 17 March 2017

Ivana Basic’s work in the recent exhibition  Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016 at the Whitney in New York  is discussed in the article ‘Can Virtual Reality Help Us Understand Gender Identity’. Read the full article here.

PAPER | 15 March 2017

Molly Soda and Arvida Byström were interviewed by Paper magazine about their new book ‘Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Images Banned From Instagram‘. Annie Felix writes “Pics or It Didn’t Happen is a political and historical statement in direct disobedience of corporation-dictated rules… It’s an addition to your coffee table that actually explores the power of the image in our collective memory, and how deleting an image is akin to deleting a piece of history – if there aren’t any pictures, it didn’t happen.” Read the full article here.

ARTSY | 13 March 2017

Artsy published an article about the book ‘Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Images Banned From Instagramby Arvida Byström and Molly Soda, featuring photographs that have been banned from Instagram.  “The book engages in a dialogue around the policies found across social media, which are designed to keep users safe, though have unintentionally censored artistic freedoms.” writes Molly Gottschalk. Read the full article here.

PRESTEL | March 2017

Molly Soda and Arvida Byström new book ‘Pics or It Didn’t Happen, Images Banned from Instagram’ is now available. Featuring photographs that have been banned from Instagram, this generously illustrated book explores modern censorship. Purchase the book here.

GALLERIES NOW | 10 March 2017

Galleries Now has named Concrete Jungle in the “Six to See this Weekend.” Read the full article here.

NYLON | 9 March 2017

Molly Soda speaks with Nylon about Instagram. Molly Beauchemin notes: “If Instagram is a space where every photo tells a story, even subversive images become part of the narrative.” Read the full article here.

MASK MAGAZINE | 5 March 2017

Anne Vieux is interviewed in The Material issue in March 2017 of MASK Magazine. Vieux is quoted saying: “I’ve seen some work that focuses on the body and the application of technology via the body. I think about the social effects of technology and colour.” Read the full article here.

MASK MAGAZINE | 28 February 2017

Molly Soda is interviewed in Lonely issue in February 2017 of MASK Magazine. The article “Alone with Molly Soda,” by Randon Rosenbohm, features on ongoing dialogue about the internet and if it does make us more lonely or if brings us closer together. Soda is quoted saying, “A lot of my loneliness is not an act, but it’s also a thing I’m playing with it. Being alone is the only way that I can make the work that I make, because a lot of it is about the things that we do when we’re alone, the way we sort of perform loneliness for other people, and what it means to put it on the internet.” Read the full article here.

TRACTION MAGAZINE | 24 February 2017

Sherman Sam is interviewed in Traction Magazine. The article by Charlotte Barnard, features a dialogue about his process and approach to painting and drawing. Sam is quoted saying “They come about in a process of, lets call it, searching, working through, erasure and then finally equipoise.” Read the full article here.

AQNB | 20 February 2017

AQNB reported on Concrete Jungle, the recent exhibition at AKG. Read the full article here.

MAN REPELLER | 16 February 2017

Molly Soda and her recent exhibition Comfort Zone at AKG are reviewed on Man Repeller. Hannah Keegan writes: “The chaotic mix of Soda’s digital world is unsettling; even more so is the sense of familiarity that sets in after viewing curated glimpses of her ‘real’ life.” Read the full article here.

DROSTE EFFECT | 10 February 2017

Ruth Waters’ Generalised Anxiety Relaxation Centre, the closing event of Cacotopia at AKG, was reported by Manu Buttiglione for Droste Effect. Waters is quoted describing the event as: “Generalized Anxiety Relaxation (2016), presented at Annka Kultys Gallery as part of Cacotopia, a group show featuring five recent 2016 MFA graduates, is made up of a series of bookable workshops in meditation, relaxation and self love.” Read the full article here.

NYLON | 9 February 2017

Signe Pierce was interviewed by Nylon magazine in relation to her upcoming exhibitions with AKG and Nathalie Halgand Galerie in Vienna, and her recent collaboration with rapper Big Sean. Pierce is quoted saying: ““Overall, I want to spend this year pushing myself, my work, and my mediums to hit on some new peripheries and hopefully reach some new audiences.” Read the full article here.

JACKSON HOLE | 8 February 2017

Ivana Basic is interviewed in relation to her two-person exhibition Miserere Paraphrase at Holiday Forever, New York. Read the article here.

FAD MAGAZINE | 5 February 2017

Cacotopia, the current exhibition at AKG, has been selected as FAD’s Top five Exhibitions to see in London. “A new show every week in this five week exhibition. I got to lie on a bed and watch a hypnotic saccharine video, while this coming week the gallery will be turned into a yoga studio. All shows are on the theme of a utopia that has an underside to it” reviewer Tabish Khan writes. Read the article here.

D/RAILERD | 26 January 2017

‘”Bodies for a future Yet to Come,”Jesse Bandler Firestone reviews Ivana Basic, for D/Railed. The show remains on view at Andrea Rosen Gallery until 4 February 2017. Read the full review here.

FEMINI MAGAZINE | 21 January 2017

Molly Soda is featured the the second issue of Gemini Magazine. Order it now here.

BLOUIN ARTINFO | 21 January 2017

Cacotopia was reported by Bluoin Artinfo. The author writes, “The works deal with a collective contemporary anxiety, interspersed with elements of fantasy as coping mechanism.” Read the full article here.

ORGAN | 19 January 2017

The group exhibition Cacotopia at Annka Kultys Gallery is reviewed in ORGAN. The author writes “for the second part of Cocotopia is equally as compelling as last week’s first part was”. Read the full review here.

NYAQ | 20 January 2017

Nicole Kaack mentions Ivana Basic in the exhibition review “Miguel Angel Cárdenas Without a Body at Andrea Rosen“. The author writes: “Ivana Bašić sees defeat in the failures of the body itself”. Read the full review here.

AMUSE | 16 January 2017

Molly Soda is included in Amuses’s article on “7 Female Artists Turning their Bedrooms into Art”. Soda is quoted saying: “My work is interested in what we do within our private spaces and what happens when we make those spaces public”. Read the full article here.

ATP DIARY | 14 January 2017

Giulia Ponzano chose Cacotopia, as one of her must-see shows in London. More information can be found here.


Cacotopia, the exhibition at AKG has been listed by Aesthetica as “Five to see this week-end“. The author writes “In Cactopia, collective cultural anxieties are placed amongst elements of fantasy in a disorientating relationship between reality and fiction.” More information can be found here.

I-D VICE | 11 January 2017

I-D Vice has named Molly Soda one of the “10 Artists on the Art They Want to See in 2017.” Writer Charlotte Jansen notes “Her second solo exhibition at Annka Kultys gallery in East London, ‘Comfort Zone’, at the end of 2016 featured 18 hours of photobooth footage, as well as new resin sculptures of bedroom clutter and beauty paraphernalia.” Read the full article here.

ORGAN | 10 January 2017

The group exhibition Cacotopia at Annka Kultys Gallery is reviewed in ORGAN. The author writes “a show to return to and engage with over the next few weeks”. Read the full review here.

THE CALVERT JOURNAL | 10 January 2017

Ivana Bašić is mentioned as “among ones to watch in 2017” by the Calvert Journal. Read the full review here.

ANDREA ROSEN | 6 January 2017

Ivana Basic is participating in a group show Without a Body. Curated by Signal at Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York. The exhibition runs 6 January  –  4 February 2017.

AQNB | 9 January 2017

AQNB has written about Cacotopia, our upcoming group exhibition “Five Artists in Five Weeks for ‘Cacotopia’“. Read the full article here.

TIME OUT LONDON | 17 December 2016

Molly Soda’s Comfort Zone, second solo exhibition at AKG is featured in Time Out in “Best Art Exhibitions of 2016” by Eddy B Frankel, art editor of Time Out London magazine. The list includes Abstract Expressionism of The Royal Academy of Art, Anselm Kiefer Exhibition at White Cube, William Eggleston Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, Animality at Marian Goodman, Yoyoi Kusama at Victoria Miro, Robert Rauschenberg at Tate Modern, Zaha Hadid at The Serpentine, Bruce Nauman at BlainSouthern and Jeff Koons at Newport Street Gallery, Donna Huanca at Zabludowicz Collection and The Ethics of Dust at Houses of Parliament. More information can be found here.

MTV.COM | 9 December 2016

Molly Soda talks about her work, art and the Internet with Darcie Wilder at MTV podcasts. Listen to the podcast here.

404ERROR.GALLERY | 6 December 2016

Molly Soda’s recent digital painting is featured in the current online exhibition curated by Matthew Britton & Brett O’Connor at 404 Error Gallery. Check the show here.

ARTRABBIT |  29 November 2016

Vivi Kalliniku interviews Molly Soda about her work, her nudes and what it means to be online. Vivi writes “Her Twitter feed is a piece of performance art. Her YouTube beauty tutorials have an inimitable style and her take on the digital is what everyone should be talking about.” Read the full interview here.

ARTVERGE | 24 November 2016

Ivan Liovik Ebel is interviewed by ArtVerge.  The article “Spaces in Between: Analysing Ivan Liovik Ebel’s Relational Aesthetics” not only provides important insights into the artist’s arts making process but also some more personal elements of his character. His work was featured at AKG in Zero Zero summer group exhibition. Read the full interview here.

Wall Street Journal | 21 November 2016

Ivana Basic is mentioned in WSJ’s review “Dreamlands’ at the Whitney Museum: Between Illusion and Reality” in relation to her participation in the current group exhibition Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1905-2016. The exhibition runs through 5 February, 2017. You can read the full article here.

AQNB | 18 November 2016

Anne Vieux has been reviewed by AQNB in relation to her recent exhibition same window, different day in Chicago.  You can read the full review here. Her work will be featured at Annka Kultys Gallery in London in April 2017. Save the date!

VIOLETTE COLLECTIVE | 17 November 2016

Viollette Collective interviews Molly Soda via Skype. Listen to the full interview here.

ARTSY |16 November 2016

Artsy publishes “The Gallerist’s Art Fair’s Survival Guide“, featuring top tips from art world wonder personalities, among them Nate Freeman, senior staff writer at Artnews, Annka Kultys, gallery owner and Simon de Pury, co-founder of De Pury De Pury. Read all the interviews here.

SPINDLE MAGAZINE |16 November 2016

Molly Soda was interviewed with regards to her exhibition Comfort Zone at AKG by Spindle magazine. Victoria Pierce writes, ” Comfort Zone brings together the artist’s exploration of how social media, instant messaging and constant online sharing invades and affects our lives today, blurring the lines between our private and public self.” Read the full article here.


Angela Pippo has reviewed Molly Soda Comfort Zone in Curating Contemporary. She writes: “Molly Soda’s practice responds to the broad preoccupation with the changing of global social dynamics, and for her second solo exhibition at Annka Kultys Gallery, she proposes a new selection of projects by opening the door of her MacBook memory”. Read the full article here.

18STREET ARTS CENTER | 13 November

Molly Soda work in 24-hour video art marathon was live- streamed by 18th Street Arts Center around the world on 13 November 2016. This online exhibition was curated by Alexandra White. More information can be found here.

THE ART PARTNERS | 10 November 2016

Sherman Sam Together We’re Heavy was featured on The Art Partners’s list of “The Five Exhibitions to visits this month in London” citing Zabludowicz Collection, Somerset House, Annka Kultys Gallery, Victoria Miro Mayfair and White Cube Bermondsey. More information can be found here.

THIS IS TOMORROW | 11 November 2016

Molly Soda Comfort Zone on view at AKG is listed in THIS IS TOMORROW, a contemporary art magazine, featuring some of the most innovative and culturally significant exhibitions around the world. More information can be found here.

MUSEE MAGAZINE | 3 November 2016

Ivana Basic is featured in Musée Magazine in relation to her participation in the exhibition  Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1905-2016 at the Whitney in New York. “Ivana Basic’s sculpture ‘SOMA’ features a plasticky corpse hanging on a metal bar, with the torso melting into the limbs as if the body was popped in the microwave and removed a gooey mutation.  And the sense of dread and disgust at the sight of this work reveals a very human sensation to remain human, despite the cyborg stage”, writes Celina Huynh. Read the full article here.

EYES TOWARD THE DOVE | 1 November 2016

The current group exhibition Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1905-2016 at the Whitney featuring Ivana Basic works has been reviewed by Jongho Lee in Eyes Towards the Dove. Referencing Basic’s video and sculpture ‘SOMA’ (2013-), he writes: “Her body exists in countless ways, including in the future through means of production that have not even been realized yet. In the existing rendering at the exhibit, her body appears both as a sculpture and an animation.” Read the full review here.

TIME OUT LONDON | 27 October 2016

Eddy Frankel has reviewed Molly Soda Comfort Zone in Time Out. Frankel writes “The show works because Soda’s exposing the seedy, aggressive, anonymous, sexual underbelly of digital life. Not just hers: we’re all implicated.” Read the full review here.

MOUSSE MAGAZINE | 25 October 2016

Molly Soda Comfort Zone on view at AKG is featured in Mousse Magazine, published on 25 October 2016. More information can be found here.

WHITNEY MUSEUM | 23 October 2016

Ivana Basic is participating in a group show Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1905-2016 at the Whitney, New York. The exhibition runs 28 October, 2016 – 5 February, 2017.

TIME OUT LONDON | 21 October 2016

The current exhibition Comfort Zone by Molly Soda’s featured at Annka Kultys Gallery has been listed by Eddy Frankel in Time Out London, along with Amalia Ulman at Arcadia Missa and Petra Cortright at Carl Kostyal  in “The shows you need to see this Saturday“. More information can be found here.

PAUL’S ART WORLD | 16 October 2016

Molly Soda Comfort Zone has been listed by the writer and  curator, Paul Carey-Kent as the gallery show to see in London along with Neo Rauch at David Zwirner, Donna Huanca at Zabludowicz, Cindy Sherman and David Salle at Skarstedt. He writes: “I often feel that artists using new media ending up making ersatz versions of what could been made by other means, but American Molly Soda’s stream of screens, iPads, selfies, messages and images does feel genuinely alternative” in “Choices up Now“. Read the full article here.

SLEEK MAGAZINE | 3 October 2016

Gloria Cardona interviews Molly Soda on Comfort Zone, the artist’s second solo show with Annka Kultys Gallery, and writes “Molly Soda Challenges the Notion of Private Areas as Safe-havens“. Read the article here.

ARTRABBIT | 12 October 2016

Comfort Zone, the exhibition by Molly Soda at Annka Kultys Gallery, has been listed by Viky Kalliniku in “Five shows to see in London this week“. More information can be found here.

ARTSY | 7 October 2016

Molly Soda is featured in “How Feminist Photography of the 1970’s Paved the Way for Women Artist Today“. Charlotte Jansen writes: “Simultaneously sexy and imperfect, Hannah Wilke’s SOS Stratification Object Series (1975) recalls the body-hair flouting tactics and censor-defying use of nudity and menstrual blood of young feminist artists, such as Molly Soda.” Read the full article here.

ARTSPACE | 7 October 2016

Loney Abrams spoke with Basic in her Brooklyn studio about the digital and material ways the artist has alienated herself from her own body, about the ever-present existential fear that she experienced growing up in Serbia in the ’90s, and about her plans for an upcoming group show at the Whitney Museum. Read the full interview here.

TRACTION MAGAZINE | 3 October 2016

Charlotte Bernard interviews Ivana Basic in “Throat Wanders Down the Blade“. “I am inside of the body and looking out. I am looking at what happens in the confines of that limited space, which is our habitat”, notes the artist. Read the full interview here.

HARPERS BAZAAR | 27 September 2016

AKG is mentioned in an interview with Legacy Russell by Harper’s Bazaar. Read the full article here.

ARTVERGE | 26 September 2016

Yannis Kostarias reviews Ivana Basic’s exhibition and notes: “Annka Kultys gallery’s exhibitions have been remarkable indications of creativity in the long-term vitality of the east London art scene.” You can read the full review here.

AQNB | 26 September 2016

Adeleine St has written a thorough review of Ivana Basic’s exhibition Throat wanders down the blade… at Annka Kultys Gallery for AQNB magazine. Describing the work, she writes: “The nape of the neck, a jagged rib, flesh that could once have been a hand, the nub of a heel, oscillating between foetal and decaying…” Read the full review here.

THE QUIETUS | 25 September 2016

Robert Barry has written about Ivana Basic’s solo exhibition at Annka Kultys Gallery, Throat wanders down the blade... “The work of Ivana Basic takes its starting point from human flesh, in all its horror and ambiguity,” writes Barry in “Aliens Bodies. Ivana Basic at Annka Kultys.” An interview with Ivana Basic follows his introduction as well as an extract of Ivana’s new book published by Annka Kultys Gallery. Read the full article here.

INVERSE | 6 September 2016

Jamie Loftus interviews Molly Soda about her artistic practice, while the artist is preparing for her second solo exhibition Comfort Zone on view 14 October 2016 at Annka Kultys Gallery in London. Read the full interview here.

ARTNET | 28 July 2016

Molly Soda is featured on Artnet in “9 Emerging Artist You Need to Know About Right Now“. Listing young artists across America who are catching our eye right now, Caroline Elbaor & Brian Boucher describe Molly Soda’s first ever solo exhibition as “impressive solo show at London’s newly-minted Annka Kultys Gallery”. Read the full article here.

STADTGALERIE | 7-23 July 2016

Molly Soda is featured in a group show Your Digital Self Hates You in Bern, Switzerland. The exhibition also features Ann Hirsch, Camille Kaiser, Elisa Giardina Papa, Sunita Prasad, Tabita Rezaire, Mathias Ringgenberg, Amalia Ulman, and May Waver. The show runs from 7-23 July, 2016.

ARTSY | 21 July 2016

Dash Snow figures prominently in “These 8 Photographers Captured the Youth Culture of the ’90s,’” an insightful editorial by Molly Gottschalk on Artsy that presents a cadre of artists as exemplars of end-of-the-century sensibilities. Read the full article here.

BERLIN ART LINK | 17 July 2016

Romily Alice reviews Annka Kultys Gallery’s exhibition Zero Zero for Berlin Art Link. “Zero Zero Proposes a New Post-Internet Landscape” examines the way in which 12 different artists investigate the conjunction between digital and physical spaces, reflecting on the post-internet, post-materiality reality of the present day.  Romily Alice says that the show ‘serves to remind us that the positioning of the “virtual” and the “real” in binary opposition to each other no longer reflects the modern experience.’ Read the full review here.

MOUSSE MAGAZINE | 14 July 2016

The gallery group exhibition Zero Zero on view at AKG is featured in Mousse Magazine. Find more information here.

NOWNESS | 6 July 2016

Nowness’ feature Zero Zero Takeover reports AKG’s summer group show Zero Zero.  Read the full article here.

NYLON | 7 April 2016

Molly Soda’s article ‘This Web Artist Is Ditching The Razor And Fighting The Patriarchy‘ was featured in the April 2016 issue of Nylon magazine. Read the full article here.

THE QUIETUS | 1 July 2016

Zero Zero, at AKG, was reviewed by Robert Barry for The Quietus. Read the full article  here .

PAPER MAG | 16 June 2016

Molly Soda was interviewed by Paper Mag with regards to her latest series of digital paintings inspired by Sex and the City. Soda is quoted saying: “Sex and the City is such a visually-pleasing show to me — the outfits, the city, the fantastical “events” they find themselves at. I wanted to take those elements and combine them with my personal touch and sort of bring their world into my world.” Read the full article here.


Alexandra Gorczynski’s exhibition Never Forever at AKG was reviewed by Mousse Magazine. Gorczynski is quoted saying: “Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the work is its play upon the continuum that exists between traditional painting and new media.” Read the full article here.

OBSERVER | 13 April 2016

Molly Soda is interviewed for the article “How I get By: The Lives of Five American Artists” by Ryan Steadman for the Observer. Read the full article here.

DETROIT FREE PRESS |  3 April 2016

CCS Centre Galleries exhibition Doubly So in Detroit, including works my Molly Soda, is reported in Detroit Free Press. Read the full article here.

DETROIT ART REVIEW | 19 March 2016

Molly Soda’s work in the exhibition Doubly So at the CCS Centre Galleries in Detroit is reviewed by Clara DeGalan for the Detroit Art Review. She writes, “Soda’s work in “Doubly So” left me with a grim suspicion that autonomy of image in social media still alludes women, and it’s a problem we are going to have to spend a few more decades thinking our way around.” Read the full article here.

ANOTHER | 18 March 2016

Hello, this is Dash at AKG is reviewed by Another magazine. Annka Kultys is quoted saying. “Now, I am showing his work because I believe that his works are a bridge between his generation and the new Instagramming generation who also makes the private public.” Read the full article here.

DAZED | 17 March 2016

To mark Dash Snow’s exhibition at AKG Dazed has reprinted a 2006 interview with the artist. “I don’t really know much about technique, I just aim to ‘keep the moment’… I feel like technology is a fool’s game” says Dash. Read the full interview here.

AUJOURD’HUI | 19 March 2016

Hello, This is Dash at AKG is reviewed by Aujourd’hui. “Making art by recording his life was a form of both communication and catharsis for Snow” writes the author. Read the full article here.

ARTSLANT | 9 March 2016

Alexandra Gorczynski is Artslant’s ‘Wednesday Web Artist of the Week’. Christian Petersen writes, “There is a subtle and precise attention to detail as well as a distinct subversive wit that elevates her compositions to distinctly classical levels.” Read the full article here.

ART MONTHLY | issue March 2016

Molly Soda’s exhibition From my bedroom to yours at AKG is mentioned in Paul Carey-Kent’s article “Getting Art” in Art Monthly. Read the full article here.

ART ASIA PACIFIC | 2 March 2016

Ittah Yoda’s exhibition at AKG is reviewed by Ambika Rajgopal for Art Asia Pacific. “From their personal narrative, Ittah Yoda imbue their works with an individual and cultural specificity, which results from a transcultural collaboration”, writes Rajgopal. Read the full article here.

1 GRANARY | 26 February 2016

Ittah Yoda’s collaboration and exhibition I Think Mango You Say Salmon at AKG is detailed by Aric Miller in his article “Ittah Yoda and the Yin and Yang of Artist Collaboration’ on 1 Granary. The duo are quoted saying: “Maybe we are continuing this collaboration because we thought that on our own we wouldn’t have made enough good, relevant or strong work, whereas together we can strike a perfect balance.” Read the full article here.

MOUSSE MAGAZINE | 26 February 2016

I Think Mango You Say Salmon is reviewed on Mousse magazine. The author describes Ittah Yoda’s exhibition at AKG as “the culmination of the artists’ recent creative collaboration and comprises ten pieces that explore the subjectivity of the human experience”. Read the full article here.

AUJOURD’HUI | 14 February 2016

Ittah Yoda’s exhibition at AKG I Think Mango You Say Salmon was reviewed on Aujourd’hui. The author writes, “In I think mango you say salmon Ittah Yoda have harnessed their fragile collective to produce works evocative of Waal’s dream of endless beautiful flow.” Read the full review here.

THE GUARDIAN | 4 February 2016

Molly Soda is featured in the Guardian in the article “Are Selfies empowering for women?” by Laura Bates who writes: “Artist Molly Soda last year leaked her own nude snaps in a statement about regaining power and control from nude picture hackers”. Read the full article here.


Molly Soda is featured in the group show The Mercury Theatre Reality Show organised by Galerie Christophe Gaillard in Paris. The exhibition features 30 artists adopting an anonymous group instagram account: The_Mercury_Theatre and runs from 1-28 February 2016.

FLAUNT MAGAZINE | 15 January 2016

Katie Gavin writes about Molly Soda’s Pretend (2015) for Flaunt magazine. “Molly Soda erases the line between artifice and sincerity, and the fluctuating boundaries of 21st century social media performance art” says Gavin. Read the full article here.

SAATCHI GALLERY | 9 March 2016

Virgile Ittah’s Champagne Life is on view at the Saatchi Gallery until 9 Mar 2016.

THIS IS TOMORROW | 9 January 2016

Molly Soda “From My Bedroom To Yours”, published on 9 Jan 2016.

AUJOURD’HUI | 5 January 2016

Molly Soda’s solo exhibition at AKG From my bedroom to yours is reviewed on Aujourd’hui. Read the full article here.

MOUSSE MAGAZINE | 24 December 2015

From my bedroom to yours was reviewed by Mousse Magazine. The author points out that “Soda’s entire oeuvre is available on-line, her art is freely accessible not only to her hundreds of thousand of followers on apps such as Instagram or Tumblr but also literally to anyone with internet access” and how consequently “The gallery’s pricing methodology for Soda’s digital art, by contrast, adopts public interest as its starting point: the more a work has been viewed online, the greater that work’s price.” Read the full article here .

ARTSLANT | 27 November 2015

From my bedroom to yours was reviewed by Char Jensen for Artslant. Jansen is convinced that “the show is a confident leap in a new direction, both for the artist, and for the art of this genre”. Read the full review here.

DAZED | 23 November 2015

Molly Soda was interviewed by Ashleigh Kane for Dazed. Kane writes, “Her work is so relatable, not only because it exists in its entirely online, but because she breaks through the fourth wall that most of us keep shatterproof when it comes to constructing our identities, whether online or off.” Read the full interview here.

THIS IS TOMORROW | 24 November 2015

Molly Soda’s From my bedroom to yours on view at AKG is featured on This is Tomorrow. Read the full article here.

FEBRUARY STATIONERY | 23 November 2015

From my bedroom to yours was reviewed by Marianne Eloise for February Stationery. She writes,  “The work itself, some of her most iconic videos and Newhive pieces from over the years, is delightfully at odds with the ‘girly’ pinks. It speaks of the real juxtaposition that happens within young women, wherein we feel such intense sadness and pain in intimate girly bedroom spaces.” Read the full article here.

MYTEMPLART | 13 November 2015

Annka Kultys was interviewed by Maria Teresa Ortoleva about AKG’s debut exhibition Desire of the Other. “Desire of the Other was a curatorial project that pulled together ideas from a decade of observations about collecting behaviours. It was a commentary on what I observed in the market and the growing importance of new collectors in promoting artists in unexpected ways.” says Kultys. Read the full interview here.

Annka Kultys