MONOPOL | 4 February 2018


In a new article about female artists in the time of social media, writer and curator Anika Meier discusses the work of Signe Pierce,  Molly Soda, and Arvida Byström. Analyzing the changing nature of female identity and artistic practice as mediated by digital technology, Meier asks tough questions about the future of the art world and whether or not art will be successful if it does not receive a lot of attention on social media. To read the full article, click here.

MONOPOL | 1 December 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Anika Meier mentions both Molly Soda and Signe Pierce in her latest article “Es darf sich geärgert werden” for Monopol. Describing the current state of net art and digital feminism, she uses both of the artists as examples of women whose explorations in digital identity blur the boundaries between art and life. Read the full article here.

MONOPOL | 1 July 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

In concurrence with her first solo show at Annka Kultys Gallery, Monopol profiles ‘reality artist’ Signe Pierce. Describing Faux Realities and the instafamous quality of Pierce’s work, the author writes, “She has shown her photographs there, a best of @signepierce to a certain extent; the viral hits from the social media.” Read the full profile here.