HEALTH IS HELL | 2 October 2019


Signe Pierce has been the protagonist of a podcast episode from the “Health is Hell” series. With the host Ali Weiss, Pierce explores “living in the Matrix, the perks of being ‘lowbrow,’ developing & maintaining personal identity, and how to use overt sexuality to communicate intellect (if you want).” To listen to the one-hour-long episode and have more information about the podcast, click here.

HUMOR AND THE ABJECT | 9 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Molly Soda is interviewed by podcast Humor and the Abject about “selfie feminism in hindsight, her recent solo exhibitions […]perceptions of sincerity and honesty in her work, isolation, aesthetic and interface evolutions in social media, how we actively present ourselves for internet audiences, and shitposting.” Listen to the full conversation here.