UNITY110 | 8 September 2018



8 – 29 SEPTEMBER 2018


Unit110 is pleased to present 4K Zen, an immersive installation by Stine Deja. Using 3-D animation, digital surrogates, and narrative, Deja’s videos explore how cyberspace affects our imagination and sense of intimacy. Recognizing that technology has become an architect of emotion in the hybrid space of contemporary life, Deja’s work compels the viewer to consider him or herself through this self-reflective intertwining of humans and machines.

As our planet continues to endure environmental, societal and political pressure, Deja offers visitors an escapist route away from that stress and into a safe and relaxing state of mind. The 4K Zen ‘distraction installation’ encourages the audience to put their worries on standby and recharge themselves physically and emotionally.

Scientific studies have revealed that we are more relaxed when we watch TV than when we sleep, and that this ‘passive active’ state actually reduces our cortisol levels. 4K Zen is a ‘stress diet’ that promises an escape from the complexity of modern life by combining the wisdom of meditation and infomercials. The immersive experience requires the user to surrender themselves to the screen’s soothing imagery and passively enter a state more restful than sleep.

Stine Deja (b. 1986, Denmark) received her MA from Royal College of Art, London in 2015 and her BA in Interaction Design from Kolding School of Design, in 2012. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally, including at the National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen and Annka Kultys Gallery, London. A lot of Deja’s work focuses on the irony and melancholy within modern social interactions and society. Deja lives and works in London, England. 4K Zen was commissioned by Roskilde Festival.

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