DATEAGLEART | 26 July 2018


During a recent studio visit, DATEAGLEART got behind the frustrations of Dominic Dispirito, and discussed how his art can be used for positive change. The artist portrays authentic experiences of growing up in a British working-class environment, and believes that this topic is not being spoken about enough. Read the full interview here.

MOUSSE | 11 July 2018


Dominic Dispirito’s first solo exhibition with AKG In the Garden, Council Housed and Violent is featured on Mousse magazine. The exhibition is on view at AKG through Saturday 28 July 2018. See the complete feature here.


For the second month in a row, an Annka Kultys Gallery exhibition has been selected as one of Hackney Citizen’s top East End Exhibitions. Making an interesting connection between the current show, Dominic Dispirito’s In the Garden, Council Housed and Violent, and the previous showMolly Soda’s Me and My Gurls, the author Andrew Barnes writes: “Annka Kultys Gallery is hosting another digital artist whose work would be literally unimaginable mere decades ago. Where Soda utilised her internet presence to bring viewers inside her personal Panopticon, Dominic Dispirito is concerned with how others are viewed and vilified, namely the British ‘chav.’” In the Garden, Council Housed and Violent will remain on view through 28 July. You can read the full article here.