24 MAY – 5 JULY 2018


Pragovka Gallery and The White Room cordially invite you to another of a series of synchronized openings.
The joint opening of the exhibitions will take place on 24th of May at 18:00 in the area of Pragovka, then there will be a place for program of each exhibitions individually. During the one evening you will have a chance to go tour through all three galleries at Pragovka Art District with the artists and curators of three new exhibition projects.
18:00 joint opening of exhibitions: Tomáš Pavlacký: Your Bloom; Olga Mikh Fedorova, Milan Mazur, Iryna Zakharova: CHIASMUS; David Pešat, Ondřej Maleček: At home on a trip
18:15 opening of the exhibition: Tomáš Pavlacký: Your Bloom / Pragovka Gallery Entry
18:30 opening of the exhibition: Olga Mikh Fedorova, Milan Mazur, Iryna Zakharova: CHIASMUS / Pragovka Gallery Rear
19:00 opening of the exhibition: David Pešat, Ondřej Maleček: At home on a trip / The White Room


Tomáš Pavlacký: Your Bloom
Curator: Klára Burianová
Pragovka Gallery Entry
24. 5. – 15. 6. 2018

The post-digital-site spefic project Your Bloom by Tomáš Pavlacký (* 1987) is focused on a place of its origin and presentation of „Pragovka“ its internal and external surroundings, environmental and social. Pavlacký´s installation is based on the character of the local architecture and in the same time he provides hidden information about the actual life at Pragovka.

Olga Mikh Fedorova, Milan Mazúr, Iryna Zakharova: CHIASMUS
Curator: Viktor Čech
Pragovka Gallery Rear
24. 5. – 5. 7. 2018

Are we a vector or vector intersection? I Is the objective presentation of our (in social networks constantly floating) self walking the street or, on the contrary, are we the evolutionary expansion of the organic substance of this planet, its tentacles, into the sphere of another, digital being? Playing with aesthetics of material installations and computer graphics, 3D models, or the spectacular illusion of postproduction of moving images is nowadays taken, also in the art, as a complex boxes, sometimes even in the work of one author. Similarly, the final form of this exhibition should follow this theme consisting of the work of three artists.

David Pešat, Ondřej Maleček: At home on a trip
The White Room
Curator: Petr Vaňous
24. 5. – 15. 6. 2018

The title of the exhibition of two middle-aged painters David Pešat (1980) and Ondrej Maleček (1977) evokes a paradoxical situation, namely the consciousness of the temporary stay in a place that is generally perceived as a stable, built shelter and unconsciously associated with peace and quiet – home (or a studio as a place of work concentration). Being “at home on a trip”, however, means to be aware of certainty in uncertainties and uncertainty in security. It is the consciousness of open paths that disturb. And that is also the basic premise of any live work. Do not let yourself be tamed with your own abilities and always try something new and different. Not to be succumb to stereotypes, either in the level of perception or in the level of reflection and expression.