SIMONE | 7 November 2018


Magali Nachtergael has written an article titled Vue sur chambre for Simone, an annual newspaper made to accompany PhotoSaintGermain, a photographic journey along the rive gauche made up of galleries, cultural institutions and bookshops. The article considers the relationship between Molly Soda and Amalia Ulman, their different Instagram personalities and intertwining photographic careers. To read the article, in French, click here.

ARTNET NEWS | 18 September 2018

artnet News mentions Molly Soda in an article about young artists’ strategies to get attention and sponsorship outside their gallery space. The author writes: “While making compelling artworks online is certainly a great way to garner a large and dedicated following, it’s not exactly the road to riches. So it makes perfect sense that Soda would make an account on Drip to ask her followers for financial support in exchange for her content”. Read the article here.