Numerous ideas and new projects are building on our past successes and shaping the future of our gallery. For example:

ANNKA KULTYS PROJECT: We are excited to announce the launch of our project space, featuring invitation-only events in a 260 sqm converted industrial flat in Shoreditch. This initiative aims to deepen connections between our artists and art professionals, curators, press, and VIP collectors through talks, dinners, screenings, and more. The first private event is scheduled for October 2024 to coincide with Frieze London.

ANNKA KULTYS MOVING IMAGE: This project will feature guest artists on a weekly basis on TV screens located in our main gallery space. While we might not represent these artists, our aim is to contextualise their work within digital art themes, while promoting their unique practices to our digital and traditional art collectors via our ‘Full Moon’ Newsletters.
(launching on 18 September 20024)

ANNKA KULTYS PHYGITAL: Our VR gallery, encompassing 1,000 digital sqm, serves as our experimental space for hosting ambitious immersive group shows. This most advanced digital presentation allows visitors to virtually stroll through the exhibition, rather than just scroll.
(launched in May 2022 in partnership with Galleries Now).

ANNKA KULTYS GALLERY: Our main space will continue to present exhibitions in the traditional white cube format while still focusing on artists working in new media.
(established September 2015)


Since January 2021, all our artworks are sold with a blockchain registered certificate of authenticity.
ANNKA KULTYS GALLERY is also accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for all artworks, analogue or digital.

Our partenaires featuring our shows: Galleries NowArtforum Art GuideNew Exhibitions, SeeSaw Map, Art Rabbit and E-Flux (coming soon)


1. What is the purpose and vision of the gallery?

AKG is a vibrant hybrid commercial art project merging physical and digital experiences. Since its inception in 2015, the gallery has become a leading art space for artists who engage with technology, both in traditional and digital media. With a robust program of exhibitions showcasing these artists and a commitment to promoting the hybrid ‘phygital’ approach, I aim to push the boundaries of what is achievable in both physical and digital gallery spaces.

2. Why have you chosen to focus on technology?

I see the instability and rapid evolution of new technologies as incredible opportunities for exploration and innovation, especially in presenting digital art beyond traditional white cubes and TV screens. The contradictions posed by digital technologies can challenge our traditional perceptions. For instance, VR exhibitions offer a unique blend of permanence and impermanence. While VR technology will likely continue evolving, I don’t need to dismantle a previous VR exhibition to organise a new one; I can simply revisit it with my headset. In contrast, once a physical exhibition concludes and a new one is installed, only its documentation remains. And what better documentation than the exhibition itself?

3. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I tell my truth and share my vision through my exhibitions. I act as a bridge between digital artists, whom I promote with the help of my team, and the wider world, including traditional and digital art collectors, museum curators, and the press.

4. You call the gallery a ‘hybrid commercial art project.’ Can you explain a bit why you chose the word ‘project’?

I’ve always been fascinated by Jeffrey Deitch, the New York-based gallerist, who named his gallery Deitch Projects. Each exhibition is treated as a unique project with its own deadlines, research, installations, and goals. This approach involves distinct phases before, during, and after the exhibition, requiring a team effort to bring their skills together to achieve those goals.

Annka Kultys Gallery