DROOL | 11 May 2018

Annka Kultys Gallery

DROOL Creatives has featured Me and my gurls, Molly Soda’s third solo show at Annka Kultys Gallery. In the show, Soda has created an installation that mimics the interior of her computer screen, effectively inviting the visitor into her desktop space. To check out the listing, click here.

DROOL | 15 March 2018


Drool Creatives has featured Signe Pierce’s upcoming solo show Metamirrorism. “Through the use of instantaneous recording and projection within a space mediated by light sources, mirrors, lenses and dichroic film, Pierce takes the gallery’s visitors as her raw material to create an immersive, reflected, refracted and abstracted universe of the ephemeral.” You can find the full listing here.

DROOL | 20 February 2018


The opening of SYNTHETIC SEDUCTION, a new dual-show at AKG featuring an immersive collaboration between Stine Deja and Marie Munk, has been listed one of Drool’s event picks of the week. To check out the full listing, click here.

DROOL | 5 November 2017


Drool Creatives features Olga Fedorova’s upcoming solo show at Annka Kultys Gallery, Generic Jungle. The artist’s first solo show at the gallery, Generic Jungle will feature an array of the artist’s 3-D lenticular pictures. The show will run from 16 November through 16 December. For more information, click here.