EYEBEAM | 14 May 2018

Molly Soda will present a new installation on 14 May as part of AFTERCARE hosted by Eyebeam in Brooklyn, New York. Presented alongside the International Centre of Photography and Topical Cream, the event will follow the Vision and Technology: Toward a More Just Future symposium. Other artists on the line-up include RAFiA Santana, Sofia Young Park, Marie Karlberg and Hannah Daly. For more information, click here.

THE WRONG BIENNALE | 1 November 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Christopher Clary, in collaboration with Eyebeam, has included works by Amalia Soto (Molly Soda) and Signe Pierce in his exhibition SAFE for the Wrong Biennale. Probing the concept of safe space in networked culture, the show asks questions about the validity and expression of trauma online. To view the online exhibition, click here.