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Annka Kultys Gallery’s online platform dedicated to the showcasing of digital art in its natural habitat, so to speak.  The creation in 2020 of [The art happens here] provides a natural extension to the gallery’s offline programme which has as one of its strengths the presentation of “digital natives” or artists making art that engages with technology and the internet.

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Annka Kultys is pleased to present @successful_art_project the first ever solo exhibition by the Lithuanian-born, Berlin-based artist Gertrūda Gilytė, as part of the gallery’s second online exhibition. Through her performance-based online projects the artist examines the spiritual influencer culture, the relationship between #selfhelp and self-optimization, and the ways in which spirituality, mysticism, and eternal values appear online.

Gertrūda Gilytė notes: “Most of the time I describe the perfect life that I want to live and show what I don’t currently have. I reveal my future goals, my professional and personal desires and fears, which I have never spoken to before. I also use the project as a diary for myself, that’s right. If I think I’m giving away too much, I’ll cut these parts out of the videos. And I only have one minute, more is not possible on Instagram.”

“I deal a lot with strategies and methods for positive thinking and DIY spirituality. The main trend that I follow is called “The Law of Attraction”. The idea is that your own thoughts change reality and that you can achieve positive things through positive thinking. I watch many videos on YouTube by so-called spiritual influencers on these topics and then implement it in my own way. So I don’t read books, I consume online content. There is a young woman who is very well known and talks a lot about how her own thinking influences reality. I was inspired by her, but of course there are a number of positive thinkers and spiritual influencers. For example, she says that you should imagine your future and visualize things in as much detail as possible. So I imagine that I have a solo exhibition as I enter the exhibition space accompanied by my friend at the opening, I am confident at this moment and feel the appreciation of the visitors.
@successful_art_project on Instagram ends as soon as I am invited to exhibitions by an art institution.”

@successful_art_project is an ongoing performance-based Instagram project started on 25 July 2018. As Annka Kultys Gallery invited the artist for a solo exhibition, this project will end on 24 July 2020.

For the duration of the exhibition @successful_art_project, the gallery will upload a new one minute-long video every day, the same as the one posted by the artist on Instagram. All the videos posted during this month will constitute one unique work of art.

Gertrūda Gilytė (b. 1992) was born in Vilnius, Lithuania and lives and works in Berlin.

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