ARTSLANT | 27 November 2015

Annka Kultys Gallery

From My Bedroom To Yours was reviewed by Charlotte Jansen for Artslant. Jansen is convinced that “the show is a confident leap in a new direction, both for the artist, and for the art of this genre”. Read the full review here.

THE WHITE PUBE | 25 November 2015

Annka Kultys Gallery

The White Pube writers Gabriella de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad have just reviewed From My Bedroom to Yours, Molly Soda’s first solo show. Describing the complexity of the ideas that Soda presents in the show, Muhammad writes “I always, always in my mind want to make the kind of work that makes you stop. I want to make work that is arresting. That makes you pull out your phone and plop it on Instagram, that you take a selfie in front of. I want my work to look good with a filter on it as well as in real life. Molly’s show did that.” To read the full review, click here .

FEBRUARY STATIONERY | 23 November 2015

Annka Kultys Gallery

From My Bedroom To Yours was reviewed by Marianne Eloise for February Stationery. She writes,  “The work itself, some of her most iconic videos and Newhive pieces from over the years, is delightfully at odds with the ‘girly’ pinks. It speaks of the real juxtaposition that happens within young women, wherein we feel such intense sadness and pain in intimate girly bedroom spaces.” Read the full article here.

DAZED | 23 November 2015

Annka Kultys Gallery

Molly Soda was interviewed by Ashleigh Kane for Dazed. Kane writes, “Her work is so relatable, not only because it exists in its entirely online, but because she breaks through the fourth wall that most of us keep shatterproof when it comes to constructing our identities, whether online or off.” Read the full interview here.

LADYGUNN | 06 October 2015


Ladygunn has just interviewed Molly Soda in anticipation of her upcoming solo show at Annka Kultys Gallery. The author writes: “Despite the never ending sounds and voices of so many people in the digital stratosphere Molly has made it to the frontier lines of that world for her engaging and deeply personal work that includes explores self-identity and self depreciation, feminism, culture, and perversion. From her uninhibited  selfies, her raw emotions and her uncategorizable take on the modern world, with Molly Soda everything she puts out is a bit surprising, a bit alarming and a bit real.” To read the full article, click here.