Gretchen Andrew’s current solo show Other Forms of Travel at Annka Kultys Gallery is reviewed in the Art Newspaper
The Art Newspaper named Gretchen Andrew’s first solo exhibition at Annka Kultys Gallery in the “Three shows to see in London this weekend”. Louisa Buck and Kabir Jhala note: “Eight collage-on-canvas assemblage works embody “vision boards”, representing Andrew’s life goals, insecurities and dreams. But beneath these knowing winks at the gallery system, a deeper glitching is taking place.” Read the full review here.


4K Zen: Stine Deja – An exclusive week-long streaming on Art Review online platform. Art-Lovers Move Club presented Stine Deja’s video 4K Zen, a two part project originally commissioned for the Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2017, then at Annka Kultys Gallery booth at Code Art Fair .

Annka Kultys Gallery

Marc Lee is noted in The New York Times
The New York Times notes the work of Marc Lee. In his article exploring the role of randomness in art, science and cybersecurity, the author notes: ”His project “Airport Lounge” shows social media posts sent from airport lounges laid on top of satellite images of airports. Lee doesn’t choose which posts end up in the piece. “I just take the newest social media posts.” Read the complete article here

The New York Times, article by Alexis Kleinman, 2021