ELEPHANT | 25 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Elephant’s Charlotte Jansen visits Molly Soda’s studio and interviews her about her work space, her practice, and the current state of digital affairs and data archiving. Soda says: “Watching the Internet rot and websites turn into graveyards is really pushing me to try and do as much as I can to save things, and if I can’t save them, find ways to rebuild or reimagine them.” Check out the full interview here.

ELEPHANT | 16 June 2017


Dominic Dispirito’s work in the 2017 Slade School of Fine Art MFA Degree Show has been listed in Elephant Magazine’s round-up of top highlights from the show. The author, Emily Steer, writes: “The world in Dispirito’s works feels recognisable but also oddly alien, and has a sketchy rather than polished feel to it, drawing to mind a place that is malleable and changeable, as well as technically experimental for the artist.” You can read the full list of highlights here.