ARTLYST | 4 June 2018


Artlyst has just published Paul Carey-Kent’s exhibition list of Choices Up Now in London, which includes Molly Soda’s Me and My Gurls. The exhibition, Soda’s third solo show at AKG, transforms the gallery into a physical manifestation of Soda’s digital desktop space. Me and My Gurls will remain on view through 16 June. To read the full review, click here.

ARTLYST | 31 March 2018


In his round-up of top April shows, critic Paul Carey-Kent adds Signe Pierce’s Metamirrorism, on view at AKG through the 28th. He writes: “Observing the methods of projection, reflection and lighting, and the various films and holograms which populate her studio environment in New York, Signe Pierce saw that she could create a visually echoic gallery installation. All is controlled through her mobile phone, but the effects are actually ‘real’ rather than digital.” To read the full review, click here.