ARTFORUM | 1 June 2018


ArtForum reports that Art Foundation Pax, a Swiss organisation dedicated to the promotion of digital and media-based art,  has awarded the inaugural Pax Art Award to !Mediengruppe Bitnik founders Domago Smoljo and Carmen Weisskopf. The award includes a prize of $30,000 for the production of new work and for an acquisition  by the foundation. The prize will be formally presented on 14 June at Haus der electronischen Künste (HeK) in Basel. For more information about the award, click here.

KEEN ON | 12 March 2018

Annka Kultys Gallery

Keen On Magazine’s Aude Launay has interviewed !Mediengruppe Bitnik about their algorithmic work, Random Darknet Shopper. Describing the autonomy of the bot, Bitnik says: “You can’t say this website’s content is illegal because the content is hosted within the network, it’s distributed. In the beginning, we spent the production budget on it, by literally giving it to the bot, but with the tools it bought, it could run itself. It can rent itself out as a base to execute.” You can read the full article here.

FAD MAGAZINE | 5 November 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

FAD has named !Mediengruppe Bitnik’s show Are You Online Now? as one of the “Top 9 Art Exhibitions to see this week in London.” Tabish Khan writes “The bots each inhabit a screen and seem to talk to users or even themselves in an unnerving way that makes us want to distrust any online conversation in case it’s with a bot.” Read the full article here.

BBC NEWS | 27 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

The group show at pop-up exhibition The Glass Room, which includes !Mediengruppe Bitnik’s work Ashley Madison Angels at Work in London (2017), is mentioned by BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones. The author writes “A newly refurbished shop unit in central London contains what at first glance is a trendy technology store. But this shop is not selling the latest tech gadgets. It’s an exhibition called The Glass Room, which aims to get people thinking about where they go and what they do online, and the data trail they leave in cyber-space.” Read the complete review here.

DESIGN WEEK | 25 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

!Mediengruppe Beatnik’s work is featured in Looking into Your Online Life, an exhibition at The Glass Room in London bringing together more than 40 different exhibits and artworks. “The show looks at how our personal data is used and sold by companies on a daily basis, and offers visitors practical advice on how to carry out a “data detox”,” writes the author Aimée McLaughlin. Looking into Your Online Life runs until 12 November at 69-71 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0ND. Read the full review here.

NEOWIN | 25 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Neowin mentions The Glass Room’s pop-up exhibition  Looking into Your Online Life, featuring !Mediengruppe Bitnik videos. The exhibition featuring over 40 artists working in net art, explores how big companies data is used and what they can consider doing about it. The Glass Room will be touring to other UK cities in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Bristol . For more information, click here.

PAUL’S ART WORLD | 22 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Paul Carey-Kent reviews !Mediengruppe Bitnik’s show Are You Online Now? at Annka Kultys Gallery. He writes: “The Swiss collective…imaginatively subverts the online world, here with a striking installation which operates in appropriation and exposure mode, but also metaphysically.” Read the full write-up here.

TIME OUT LONDON | 8 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

!Mediengruppe Bitnik’s upcoming exhibition at AKG is reported in Time Out. The author writes: “Their show at Hackney’s Annka Kultys Gallery promises to be just as madcap, simultaneously using and disrupting the internet through their own wily activities.” Read the full article here .

GALLERIES NOW | 6 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Galleries Now featured Annka Kultys Gallery’s upcoming presentation of !Mediengruppe Beatnik’s Are You Online Now?, showcasing the five-channel video installation Ashley Madison Angels At Work In London (2017). More information can be found here.