LAZY OAF | 28 April 2018

annka kultys gallery

In a new guide to the city, London-based blog Lazy Oaf has listed Annka Kultys Gallery as its contemporary art choice. The author writes, “Upstairs from an unassuming row of shops by Cambridge Heath station, you’ll find one of the leading platforms for a future generation of artists. With a focus on multimedia art, Annka Kultys encourages these artists to bring their work from digital and online platforms into the gallery space, marking it out as different from your average gallery experience.” Check out the full guide here.

SELFRIDGES | 26 April 2018


The Selfridges Eye, a new editorial project focusing on individuals who challenge conventions and defy expectations, has featured Signe Pierce’s solo show Metamirrorism. The author writes, “Walking into the space is like stepping into a digital blender – or, in layman’s terms, as if the internet had vomited on itself. But look a little closer and there is no digital trickery at play here; this is reality remixed.” To read the full article, click here.

ARTLYST | 31 March 2018


In his round-up of top April shows, critic Paul Carey-Kent adds Signe Pierce’s Metamirrorism, on view at AKG through the 28th. He writes: “Observing the methods of projection, reflection and lighting, and the various films and holograms which populate her studio environment in New York, Signe Pierce saw that she could create a visually echoic gallery installation. All is controlled through her mobile phone, but the effects are actually ‘real’ rather than digital.” To read the full review, click here.

TEETH | 30 March 2018


Lara Monro of Teeth Magazine has interviewed Signe Pierce about her new solo show Metamirrorism on view at AKG. Discussing technocracy and the value of the term ‘cyberfeminism,’ Pierce had this to say: “I personally like [the term] because it is creating a new avenue, one that uses technology to give those who have been previously marginalised a voice. Cyberfeminism was very much predicting what will happen in the future whereas right now we are living very much in a digital age with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The internet has amplified all our voices and evened the playing field. We are in a sweet era – pre-net neutrality. Let’s enjoy it, because who knows what will happen with it all in the future.” To read the full interview, click here.

TIMEOUT | 26 March 2018


TimeOut has reviewed Metamirrorism, Signe Pierce’s second solo show at AKG. They write: “Ever thought you look so good you belong in an art gallery? Well, here’s your chance.” You can find the full review here.

DROOL | 15 March 2018


Drool Creatives has featured Signe Pierce’s upcoming solo show Metamirrorism. “Through the use of instantaneous recording and projection within a space mediated by light sources, mirrors, lenses and dichroic film, Pierce takes the gallery’s visitors as her raw material to create an immersive, reflected, refracted and abstracted universe of the ephemeral.” You can find the full listing here.

ART RABBIT | 7 March 2018


Signe Pierce’s upcoming exhibition Metamirrorism has been listed in Art Rabbit’s “The Best of Spring in London: Our Top Contemporary Art Picks.” The show will present an interactive installation of ephemeral projection painting. You can find the full article here.