SELFRIDGES | 26 April 2018

The Selfridges Eye, a new editorial project focusing on individuals who challenge conventions and defy expectations, has featured Signe Pierce’s solo show at Annka Kultys Gallery, Metamirrorism.

Selfridges Eye:
May 2018

As part of our Radical Luxury campaign, we’re looking at the ways in which people, objects and ideas are redefining the value of things. So, for the May edition of The Selfridges Eye, we’ve turned our focus to the exciting individuals who are challenging our everyday and defying convention on a daily basis.

Projection paintings

How do you paint with reality? It’s a compelling question, and one that New York-based ‘reality artist’ Signe Pierce’s recent show, Metamirrorism, set out to explore. Walking into the show space was like stepping into a digital blender, such was the mash up of digital ephemera. But if you looked a little closer, there was no digital trickery at play; it was reality remixed. Signe used us, the viewer, meandering around the space as her raw material, all captured via a live camera. The camera then fed directly into a projector, which beamed across the room, bouncing, reflecting and refracting from all sorts of surfaces. As a result, the projection painting was unique to each and every visitor. A feast for the eyes.

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