KATY HOWE | 15 May 2018

Artist and blogger Katy Howe has written a review of Molly Soda’s solo exhibition Me and My Gurls, on view through 16 June at AKG. She writes: “Although some may perceive her work as shallow or superficial, if you take the time to look deeper, and I mean longer than a three second insta-gratification, you will find an intricately complex and engaged artistic practise, powerfully addressing structures of identity, especially female identity. She successfully explores the notion of authenticity in the interactions of our online selves, by looking at how social media, instant messaging and constant sharing invade our lives and in turn affect our interactions, highlighting and blurring boundaries between the personal and the public. She forces us to consider what it means to have a private life if we are sharing everything.” To read the full review, click here.