NFT EVENING | 11 May 2022

The creation of ‘Web 3.0 Aesthetics: In the Future Post-Hype of the NFTs’, an exhibition curated by Annka Kultys Gallery for LaCollection, was announced in an article featured in NFT Evening by Janelle Borg.

LaCollection Announces NFT Collection with Annka Kultys Gallery

LaCollection has just announced an exclusive group exhibition and NFT collection in collaboration with London’s ANNKA KULTYS GALLERY. The exhibition – “Web 3.0 Aesthetics: In the Future Post-Hype of the NFTs (a Trilogy Curated by Annka Kultys)” – will be staged in three parts in 2022.

The exhibition will be exploring Web3 and its impact on artists and the way they create art. Furthermore, it will also explore the context of contemporary digital art within the social, technological and intellectual spheres.

About the exhibition & NFT drop

The LaCollection x ANNKA KULTYS GALLERY exhibition’s first theme, “Meta Body” revolves around artists’ representation of the body through the use of technology. Artists Stine Deja, Baron Lanteigne and Marjan Moghaddam will showcase their work as part of this first theme.

Artists such as Claudia Hart, Signe Pierce and Addie Wagenknecht will explore the second theme, “Digital Florascapes. Therefore, they will show how new technologies can be used to represent nature in art. Finally, the artists participating in the “Digital Abstraction” theme will use software such as autonomous systems and pixelation to represent the concept of abstraction. These include Aaron Scheer, Alida Sun and Rachel de Joode.

The LaCollection x ANNKA KULTYS GALLERY online drop includes 27 NFTs representing the three curatorial themes. The general market sale is currently open and ends on 16 May, with prices starting at €280 or 0.1 ETH. In addition, two subsequent exhibitions with new themes will go live in June and October.

About LaCollection

LaCollection offers collectors new opportunities to discover and own artworks from the world’s top museums and digital artists. Furthermore, LaCollection authenticates each NFT and ensures that partner artists and museums approve its release. In addition to this collaboration with ANNKA KULTYS GALLERY, LaCollection recently launched an NFT of a lost painting by Egon Schiele.

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