CYPRUS MAIL | 16 July 2021

Ai-Da Robot’s exhibition at the Design Museum has been featured in Cyprus Mail.

‘Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot’ at the Design Museum

In this video, The Art Channel assesses an exhibition robot’s creativity, opining as to whether or not artwork made by an Artificial Intelligence can be considered creatively valuable.

In the exhibition ‘Ai-da: Portrait of the Robot’, running at London’s Design Museum until August 29, visitors are viewing the oeuvre of the world’s first convincing humanoid robot capable of creating artworks.

According to organisers, Ai-Da can both draw and engage in lively discussion, her robotic arm enabling her to hold a pencil, her silicone face creating the impression she is ‘alive’. These features, and the movements and gestures Ai-Da is programmed to perform, raise questions about human identity in a digital age.

Given the fact that we are entering an era where many tasks formerly performed by human hands will be undertaken by machines… what are the implications and what are the ethical problems?

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