DESIGN YOUR TRUST | 18 February 2019

A new article on Design Your Trust explores Signe Pierce’s use of Instagram and of her characteristic neon, hyper-saturated aesthetic.

Artist Signe Pierce Explores The Chaotic Beauty Of Reality And Its Natural Tefractions

The New York-based ‘reality’ artist Signe Pierce examines the ambiguous intersection between art and technology in the 21st century. Her use of exaggerated light and colour is applied to scenes of the every day as she creates a heightened realism that negotiates between the realm of art and life. 

Her distinct aesthetic, which is often oversaturated, excessive, aggressive and perverse, is frequently reposted and shared via Instagram. Pierce also plays with the male gaze, which has commonly been associated with the hypersexualised and idealised women in mainstream media channels, as her self-portrayal is rooted in the art of seduction and the hyperfeminine.

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