FAD | 25 June 2017

FAD has named Signe Pierce’s show at Annka Kultys Gallery as one of the “Top 8 Art Exhibitions to see this week in London.”


By Tabish Khan

Art critic Tabish Khan brings you the top art exhibitions to visit this week. Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for you. All are closing soon and it’s been expanded to a massive eight exhibitioiins, because there are so many closing this week:

Focusing Room @ ArtCircle
A new, high quality pop-up gallery has appeared in Mayfair, in an upstairs warehouse-style space. Particularly effective is Adolf Luther’s 1960s work that uses a smoke machine and concave mirrors to give light the illusion of appearing solid. Until 2 July.

Signe Pierce: Faux realities @ Annka Kultys
Fluorescent lights, escalators in Vegas, a flower in a puddle. All glow in bright neon colours in a photography exhibition designed for the Instagram generation. Beauty is found in consumerism and its byproducts. Until 1 July

Found in America: Chamberlain, Flavin, Indiana @ Waddington Custot
Three renowned American sculptors combine in this Mayfair exhibition. The bright neon light works of Dan Flavin light up the oversized numbers of Robert Indiana. Add in the contraptions composed of scrap by John Chamberlain and we have one heavyweight show. Until 1 July.

Permindar Kaur: Black and Blue @ New Art Projects
Sitting in circles, climbing up chains or hanging limply from walls. These cutesy devils by Permindar Kaur are all over the gallery. It’s a bit like walking through a shop filled with eerie dolls, harmless yet somehow threatening at the same time. Until 1 July.

The Cactus House with Ben Russell @ Hignell Gallery
Artist Ben Russell has created many sculptures of cacti. But this exhibition takes this one step further by including real plants in the gallery alongside the sculptures. It creates the perfect environment as we spot cacti between the leaves of other plants. It’s a fun installation and one to spend some time exploring in a relaxing environment. Until 3 July.

Michael Wolf: Compression @ Flowers East
Michael Wolf has taken pictures of Japanese commuters through condensation on windows, so they looks all distorted as they are squeezed onto a train. Nobody looks particularly happy with their circumstances and I think we can all identify with that. Until 1 July.

The Wild Wood @ James Freeman Gallery
Three artists combine in this gallery in Angel to lead us into a surreal wood. Drawings of dense forest scenes by Stephen Walter, colourful birds by El Gato Chimney and fantastic ceramic works by Carolein Smit including a medusa and a satyr. It’s a fantastical visual feast. Until 1 July.

Sverre Bjertnaes: Silent Conditions at Beers London
Painting, sculpture, video and furniture. Norwegian painter Sverre Bjertnaes combines it all in multi-threaded narratives combining portraits with abstract sculptures with a bright, bold and colourful exhibition. Until 1 July.

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