GOWITHYAMO | 8 September 2020

The forthcoming exhibition Do Robots Dream of Electric Bees? at Annka Kultys Gallery has been featured as one of the “Top Gallery Exhibitions to Visit this September” alongside shows at White Cube, Victoria Miro and Marian Goodman Gallery by GoWithYamo.

Top Gallery Exhibitions to Visit this September

By Lucy Strange

The gowithYamo Group Exhibition | Hoxton 253 Art Project Space

Curated by Kato Wong, this exhibition aims to shed light on some of the most exciting emerging contemporary artists working right now. The exhibition will be held at Hoxton 253 Art Project Space from 17 – 19 September 2020. At the event, you can enter into a draw to win a print by exhibiting artist Lucy Oates! We will also be providing gowithYamo hand sanitiser, face masks and tote bags. Register for our private view here

Ann Veronica Janssens: Hot Pink Turquoise | South London Gallery

South London Gallery presents immersive works by Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens across their gallery, opening on 23 September 2020. The impact of light and its effect on our perception is key to Janssens work; at the gallery visitors will be able to ride reflective wheeled bikes and will discover her blue glitter work. 

Ai-Da ROBOT: Do Robots Dream of Electric Bees? | Annka Kultys Gallery

Ai-Da is a bespoke, life-sized, humanoid robot artist, created by Aidan Meller. Ai-Da is intended to represent the benefits and creative possibilities of artificial intelligence in the contemporary art world, and also explores themes of late-stage capitalism, global warming, extinction, drug crises and the instability of jobs. The exhibition presents paintings, drawings, sculptures and a video work made by the robotic artist. 

Toby Ziegler: The sudden longing to collapse 30 years of distance | Simon Lee

Simon Lee presents a unique exhibition of work by artist Toby Ziegler. The space is filled with large-scale geometric works on paper, along with a group of small figurative paintings on aluminium. Periodically, the exhibition will undergo a dramatic change, as a multi-projector video installation comes to life, projecting images across the gallery space and works on show while a soundtrack plays. 

Georg Baselitz: Darkness Goldness | White Cube Mason’s Yard

Hands have been a recurring motif in the work of Georg Baselitz throughout his career. This exhibition at White Cube presents a new series of paintings depicting limp gold hands emerging from dark backgrounds, which lie somewhere between abstraction and figuration. Also on show is a selection of new wall sculptures; fire-gilded bronze bas-relief hands.

Tavares Strachan: In Plain Sight | Marian Goodman Gallery

Tavares Strachan’s first UK solo show takes the form of an immersive site-specific installation at Marian Goodman Gallery. For the exhibition, Strachan looks into the life and work of Matthew Henson, an American explorer who was the first person to reach the North Pole in 1909. It is believed that Henson has been overlooked throughout history due to the fact that he was an African American. 

Grayson Perry: The MOST Specialest Relationship | Victoria Miro

This September, Grayson Perry’s Big American Roadtrip will air on Channel 4, during which the artist travels across the US on a custom motorbike to discover some of the biggest cultural and political fault-lines in the country. The exhibition at Victoria Miro presents ceramics, a tapestry and a large-scale print which respond to this journey. 

Presence in Absence | JD Malat Gallery 

Presence in Absence is an exhibition of paintings by Irish hyperrealist artist, Ian Cumberland. The portraits depict lone subjects within detailed interiors, which encapsulate the artist’s prowess as a painter. Themes explored by the artist include the human self, surveillance and mass media.

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