HUNGER | 6 April 2018

In an ode to floral photography, Hunger TV lists Signe Pierce as one of its favourite photographers of flowers, which were last shown in her first solo show, Faux Realities, at Annka Kultys Gallery.


By Agustin Hernandez

[F]lowers exist solely to bring joy to others, that and all the stuff they do for bees too. In photography, iconic image-makers Nobuyoshi Araki and Robert Mapplethorpe spent their careers fixated with the beauty of flowers and the incredible juxtaposition they can provide with the human form. In fashion, Alessandro Michele paid tribute to the beauty of flowers in Gucci’s nature-embellished, romantic runway show for MFW AW17. As our own tribute here’s some of Hunger’s favourite featured photographers using flowers, botanics, petals (you get the idea) to challenge tropes of masculinity such as Brandon Stanciell, to show nature in novel, hyperreal technoscapes like Signe Pierce or for classic, soft 70s portraits like Chloe Sheppard.

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