THE ART GORGEOUS | 22 January 2018

The Art Gorgeous has reviewed One Year of Resistance, a group show at Untitled Space in New York City featuring artworks that were created in reaction to the current American political climate under Donald Trump’s presidency.

The World’s Hottest Anti-Trump Art

By Nadja Sayej

This weekend, we saw the second annual Women’s March take the world by storm—commemorating last year’s ground-breaking protest in Washington.

This year, 500 cities, from Washington to Las Vegas, jumped on board to rise up against sexism and take a stand for equal rights and equal pay.

To coincide with the rallies, a new group exhibition features 80 artists standing up against President Trump called One Year of Resistance, which runs until February 4 at The Untitled Space in New York City.

Highlights include Michele Pred’s “My Body My Business” purse sculpture, photographer Signe Pierce’s photo “Control,” showing birth control and a gun, as well as Touba Alipour’s  neon-lit sculpture called “America,” which reads “Closed for Renovation.” Everyone is looking forward to their next vote, I‘m sure.

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