THE NEW YORKER | Winter 2014

The New Yorker has selected the group show The New Beauty of Our Modern Life, featuring work by Rachel de Joode, in its critics’ choice section.

“The New Beauty of Our Modern Life”

Beauty seems beside the point in this provocative group show organized by Kate Steciw, who includes one of her own digitally collaged color photographs in the mix. Alex Da Corte scatters faux lettuce leaves on his diamond-shaped tile flooring, setting a surreal tone picked up by Rachel de Joode in a series of sculptural, worm-shaped photographs that isolate the tracks of tears as Dali-esque melts. Other photographic images are embedded in vacuum-formed plastic, printed on transparent Plexiglas, or, in the case of Harm van den Dorpel’s showstopper, stamped on strips of synthetic glass that have been bent into a skeletal, suspended globe — The New Yorker

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