BECAUSE | 24 March 2017

Stine Deja’s current exhibition, Cyphoria, at Annka Kultys was described by Dino Bonacic for Because Magazine as “travel into a cyber world of satire and absurdity” .

Stine Deja: Cyphoria

By Dino Bonacic

It’s time for a spring break… But you haven’t planned a vacation? Stine Deja has got you covered. Through her new exhibition at the Annka Kultys gallery in Hackney, the Danish-born, London-based artist gives you an opportunity to travel into a cyber world of satire and absurdity, all through her virtual travel agency called Cyphoria.

The gallery is transformed into a room-sized airport terminal – with everything from a departure screen to a phone charging station on the floor. And while the interior of the space introduces you to a familiar environment, the large video projection narrated by a virtual character named Alena is there to take you somewhere you haven’t been before. Cyphoria is all about incidental escapism and playing with perception – Deja uses techniques like 3D scanning and video animation to entertain the idea of making both objects and moments eternal and mobile.

Aside from the projection and iPads acting like in-flight entertainment, a large print in the middle of the room called Electronic Nomad brings a more personal tone into the space. The image encapsulates the artist’s VISION? being expressed through objects, including underwear, a basketball, a camera and much more. Those mundane objects, part of daily life, become the defining factors of self in a virtual world, riffing on the ideas of representation through social media, digital images and our cyber lives in general. To enter Deja’s virtual world you really don’t need a passport, just an open mind and a sense of humour.

Stine Deja: Cyphoria is on display until 22 April at the Annka Kultys Gallery, 72 Hackney Road, Unit 3, 1st Floor, London E2 9EQ. Admission free.

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