SPRINGERIN | September 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja is the protagonist of an in-depth, detailed article published on the third 2020 issue of Springerin. The feature dives deep into Deja’s practice and explores with profound sophistication the theories that stand behind her artistic career. The writer, Barbara Seyerl, reports: “Like the technological posthumanists´ and transhumanists´ imaginations of a utopian digital afterlife, Deja´s works interpret the digital realm as a refuge and an escape from an increasingly menacing world.” You can purchase a physical copy of the magazine here.

FIGURE FIGURE | September 2020


Stine Deja is interviewed in the 31st issue of Figure Figure. The article, a conversation between the artist and Marco Galvan, features an in-depth dialogue about Deja’s artistic practice, past shows at Annka Kultys Gallery and future projects. Concerning her body of work, the artist is quoted saying “I am really interested in people and how we change because of technology and the opportuni- ties that technology brings. I think of my work as a kind of anthropological investigation and a reflection on how much the world we live in has changed as a result of technology, over a relatively short period of time”. You can find the full interview here.

GALLERYTALK | 26 August 2020

Stine Deja’s installation Synthetic Seduction is part of the group show “Real Feelings” currently on view at HeK, Basel. For the occasion, Deja has been interviewed by the German magazine Gallerytalk: the result is an illuminating conversation about the impact of technology on our day-to-day emotions. You can read the full piece (in German) here.

CLOT MAGAZINE | 15 August 2020


Stine Deja’s work Foreigner (2018) has been featured by CLOT Magazine in an article about the forthcoming show Real Feelings: Technology and Emotion at HeK in Basel. Deja, who’s also part of the roster of artists taking part in the show, has realized the work together with Marie Munk in 2018. You can read the feature and see Deja’s work, at this link.

METAL MAGAZINE | 23 April 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Metal Magazine has published an interview with Stine Deja. Focusing on her most recent practice and works, Deja explains: “I don’t necessarily seek answers, I’m more interested in dialogue and reflection, and that’s exactly what art is so great at. I think art is not only the tangible works inside a gallery or museum setting, but it’s also the streams of thoughts you leave with as a result of encountering artworks”. To read the full article by Arnau Salvadò, click here.

ART REVIEW | 17 April 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Welcome to the Art-Lovers Movie Club, where every week you’ll find a new artist’s video available exclusively online at artreview.com for seven days.

If you’ve ever come across any ‘wellness’ products, you’ll know they can be a bit helpful, a bit expensive and also a bit self-indulgent and silly. These are the ideas that Danish London-based artist Stine Deja emphasises in 4K ZEN, her two-part project originally commissioned for the Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2017. The first video works as a commercial showcasing the product: a guided meditation video that comes with a branded mat and this sensory-isolating thingamajig resembling a VR headset. The second video is the actual meditation you are guided through: serene nature scenes, whooshing sounds of water, the full works. Yet nothing is quite as calm as it first seems. “The sunlight from the clear blue sky is catching the tops of the waves in the distance” the narrator intones. “The whole ocean seems to shimmer and sparkle like paparazzis snapping perfect pictures of you.” Take a deep breath and… relax?

Screening dates: 17–23 April 2020

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CLOT MAGAZINE | 13 February 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Laura Netz, contributor at CLOT Magazine, features Stine Deja’s work Cryptic Ruins in her article, in relation to Deja’s participation in the show Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy at Somerset House. Netz writes: “Stine Deja’s body of works includes media such as 3D animation, immersive installation, moving image, and digital surrogates to simulated spaces, uncanny avatars, not-quite-real products which provoke fascination and revulsion with our hyper-commercialized contemporary culture.” You can read the full feature about art and toxic wellness culture here.

I DO ART | 15 June 2019

Annka Kultys Gallery

In occasion of Stine Deja’s last installation in the Danish sports center Holbæk Sportsby, the editors Rikke Luna and Matias from I Do Art.dk reveal the challenges Deja encountered when perceiving the project, and the research opportunities of exhibiting in such a peculiar, unexpected setting. You can read the full article (in Danish) here.

BERLINGSKE | 17 May 2019

Annka Kultys Gallery

On the occasion of their nomination for the Remmen Foundation Art Prize 2019 for Synthetic Seduction, their show at Annka Kultys Gallery in March 2018, Stine Deja and Marie Munk have been featured by Stine Hansen as “tomorrow’s stars in the arts”. In the short interview, Deja and Munk talk about their practice as a duo and the interconnections between art and society. You can read the full article here (in Danish).

PYLON HUB | 13 December 2018

Stine Deja’s series of videos Hard Core, Soft Body has been featured in Pylon Hub in the occasion of her recent installation at Schimmel Projects Art Center, Dresden. Underlining the contrapositions between humans and technology, key in Deja’s practice, the article reports that “HARD CORE, SOFT BODY investigates the complexity of the human physique and exemplifies an idea of how technology offers a way of maximizing it’s physical potential”. Read the full piece here.

I DO ART | 2 June 2018


In anticipation of the opening of Synthetic Seduction at SixtyEight Art Institute in Copenhagen, artists Stine Deja and Marie Munk have compiled an ‘ABC’ list to explain their inspirations and goals for the exhibition published on the I Do Art blog. To read the full list from A to Z, click here.

CURA | 1 June 2018


Alice Bucknell has written a profile of Stine Deja for Issue No. 28 of Cura Magazine. Discussing the artist’s dual-show with Marie Munk, Synthetic Seduction at Annka Kultys Gallery, Bucknell writes: “Synthetic Seduction asked if the apparent benefits of a low-stakes and immediate intimacy—whether in the form of face-scan emojis or late-night drunken Tinder binges—are actually less valuable than they seem, in fact asking from us a larger sacrifice than we might realize. Rather than conferring an obvious approval or disapproval rating on the matter, the duo’s response was far more ambiguous, subjective, and very nearly sentient.” For more information about this issue and to read the full article, click here.


LAZY OAF | 28 April 2018

annka kultys gallery

In a new guide to the city, London-based blog Lazy Oaf has listed Annka Kultys Gallery as its contemporary art choice. The author writes, “Upstairs from an unassuming row of shops by Cambridge Heath station, you’ll find one of the leading platforms for a future generation of artists. With a focus on multimedia art, Annka Kultys encourages these artists to bring their work from digital and online platforms into the gallery space, marking it out as different from your average gallery experience.” Check out the full guide here.

MOUSSE | 7 March 2018


Stine Deja and Marie Munk’s interactive exhibition Synthetic Seduction has been featured on Mousse’s website. Toying with the audience’s sense of repulsion but also attraction, the objects and videos in the exhibition can be seen as surrogates for intimacy in an age of digital dissociation. You can view the listing and find more information about the exhibition here.

HOLD | 21 March 2018


Stine Deja and Marie Munk have been interviewed by Hold Residency, a digital exhibition and editorial platform. Describing the feelings of sadness and isolation that the show explores, Deja says: “I think overall I see the idea of simulated intimacy as tragic for everyone/everything involved. Human intimacy with non-humans is unrequited and misunderstood, while intimacy between non-humans is flat and cliche, a replica of something that existed somewhere far removed. I also believe though that people connect with the videos because they project something into it, and that in itself is a layer of intimacy that is generated through the show.”  You can find the full piece here.

TANK | 20 March 2018

Annka Kultys Gallery

Tank Magazine’s Jan-Peter Westad has interviewed Stine Deja and and Marie Munk about their collaboration in Synthetic Seduction, on view at Annka Kultys Gallery through 24 March. Munk says: “We were both interested in how technology alters social behaviour, especially the way we are intimate or present with one another. And we were also feeling a similar frustration working with themes situated in the crossover between reality and virtual reality. In combining our practices we felt we’d open up more possibilities to work across reality and VR divide, and uncover the tensions between the two.” You can read the full article here.

FAD | 11 March 2018


Art critic Tabish Khan has listed Synthetic Seduction, the dual-show and immersive environment created by Stine Deja and Marie Munk, as one of the top 7 shows to see in London this week. To read Khan’s full review, click here.

ARTLAND | 9 March 2018

Annka Kultys Gallery

Artland has interviewed Stine Deja and Marie Munk about their collaboration for Synthetic Seduction, an interactive exhibition at Annka Kultys Gallery. Describing the core human needs addressed in the exhibition, “We wished to investigate our need for simple physical contact in a world where the virtual arena often seems to have so much more to offer,” the pair explain. You can read the full interview here.

KUBA PARIS | 1 March 2018


Kuba Paris has featured the new show Synthetic Seduction at Annka Kultys Gallery. Featuring the duel efforts of Stine Deja and Marie Munk, the exhibition is an immersive environment that seeks to tackle issues of digitally-mediated intimacy. To learn more about the show and read the full listing, click here .

DOJO | 22 February 2018


Events app Dojo has reviewed Stine Deja and Marie Munk’s Synthetic Seduction exhibition at AKG and listed it as a top show to see on its Arts Radar. Dojo writes: “The show is about how the human emotions of love, attraction, repulsion and empathy exist against a modern digital backdrop, A.K.A. where talking electronic products predict what music we want to listen to on Sundays and do our weekly Tesco shop for us.” click here.

GALLERIES NOW | 22 February 2018


Galleries Now, arts events listing site, has featured AKG’s current show Synthetic Seduction online. The show, a combined effort of Danish artists Stine Deja and Marie Munk, explores themes of intimacy in a digitally dissociated milieu. To check out the full listing, click here.

DROOL | 20 February 2018


The opening of SYNTHETIC SEDUCTION, a new dual-show at AKG featuring an immersive collaboration between Stine Deja and Marie Munk, has been listed one of Drool’s event picks of the week. To check out the full listing, click here.

AQNB | 15 February 2018


AQNB has listed the opening of SYNTHETIC SEDUCTION, a new dual show featuring the work of Stine Deja and Marie Munk, as one of their top event picks for the week. The show, which will include immersive video installation and interactive sculpture, seeks to critically examine how technology affects emotion and intimacy in contemporary society. To check out AQNB’s full listing, click here.

ARTLAND | 14 February 2018


Artland has included Stine Deja and Marie Munk’s exhibition Synthetic Seduction on its February walking art guide. The show, opening later this month, will serve as an intimacy clinic—filling the void of digital disconnection with artificially-created intimacy surrogates. The full guide can be found here.

IT’S NICE THAT | 6 February 2018

Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja has been interviewed and profiled by Daphne Milner for It’s Nice That. Focusing on her work 4K Zen, the author explores Deja’s relationship to the commodification of mindfulness. Describing her impetus in creating the project, Deja says: “4K Zen is a stress diet that promises an escape from the complexity of modern life by combining meditation and infomercials. I created it at a time when I felt haunted by bad news politically, societally and environmentally.” Deja’s dual-show, Synthetic Seduction, with Marie Munk, will open at Annka Kultys Gallery on 21 February. To read Deja’s full profile, click here.

TANK MAGAZINE | 6 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja spoke on Tank Magazine about her second solo exhibition There’s Life Outside at Annka Kultys Gallery. Deja talks about “how the show is intended to expose  the ways in which our lives are increasingly artificial.” Read the full interview here.

CACTUS DIGITALE | September 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja’s Cyphoria (2015)  is given an in depth analysis in Simone Rossi’s piece, “On Post-Human: tomorrow will become female,” included in the Issue 05 of Cactus Digitale. She describes the vision of humanity encapsulated by Deja’s work as “An asexual species, where pleasure does not disappear, but rather it is spread. A mutation to overcome the real, psychological, ontological, and contemporary social discomfort.” Read a selection of the article here.

ARTLAND | 31 August 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

In an article about gender disparities between men and women in the arts, Mikkel Carl mentions Stine Deja’s installation of 4K Zen at Code Art Fair in Copenhagen. The fair, he write, is “pure girl power.” To read the full article, click here.

AQNB | 17 July 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja’s work is included in “And if I left off dreaming about you?”, a group exhibition at Polignano a Mare’s Like A Little Disaster open from 18 June to 18 August 2017. The show also includes work by Gioia Di Girolamo, Motoko Ishibashi, Lito Kattou, Botond Keresztesi and Maurizio Vicerè – Vice, and explores “the boundary between awake and sleep within the technological, visual and iconographic landscape in which we are now immersed”. View images of the show on AQNB here.


Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja was interviewed by Charlotte Barnard for Traction Magazine about her recent show Cyphoria at AKG. “In ‘Cyphoria’, the capitalisation of human emotion by the techno-bubble has been laid bare”, writes Barnard. Read the full interview here .

FAD | 16 April 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja’s exhibition Cyphoria at AKG is mentioned as one of the top 7 art exhibitions to see in London this week by Fad. Tabish Khan describes it as “surreal and imaginative.” Read the full article here.

TIME OUT | 31 March 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Cyphoria, Stine Deja’s current exhibition at AKG, is reported in Time Out. The author writes: “The London-based artist’s first show at the Bethnal Green space will involve… an immersive installation modelled around an airport departure lounge. ” Read the full article here .

BECAUSE | 24 March 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja’s current exhibition at AKG was reviewed by Dino Bonacic for Because Magazine. Bonacic points to the way that the exhibition proposes “to travel into a cyber world of satire and absurdity, all through her virtual travel agency called Cyphoria.” and how “to enter Deja’s virtual world you really don’t need a passport, just an open mind and a sense of humour.” Read the full article here.