DESIGNERS DIGEST | 31 January 2022

the TRANSMEDIALE art festival at At the Academy of Arts in Berlin is featured in Designer Digest magazine. The festival, which includes Stine Deja’s Dawn Chorus Beta, addresses digital capitalism and surveillance.


At some point and somehow, the questions must finally be asked that digital capitalism and digital surveillance pretend to have long been answered. They are probably of these structures and companies. The tempting question of whether you want paradise was answered overwhelmingly and carelessly with YES. It was overlooked that paradise was also created for the powers on the levers of digitalism, which can, probably also mean hell for the digitally grasped. At the Academy of Arts in Berlin, the TRANSMEDIALE art festival confronts the excesses of digital reality. “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” is the title of the exhibition. Nine artists show their research results on the consequences and excesses of digital capitalism. Take a position on the consequences of the dark sides of technology and its instrumentalization on people’s lives. Dante’s circles of hell of the ‘Divine Comedy’ are the main topics of the works of art shown, which manifest the digital inferno. The evil of totalitarian computer science is emerging. Dante: “You who enter here let all hope go”. The superficially familiar image of original sin is evident. This is followed by digital purgatory…

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