WHITE WALL | 09 April 2021

White Wall review König Galerie’s recent exhibition featuring the works of Annka Kultys Gallery artists Aaron Scheer, Ai-Da Robot, Gretchen Andrew, Rachel de Joode, and Stine Deja.

König Galerie Hosts Virtual Exhibition in Decentraland

By Eunice Chan

König Gallery  is currently presenting “The Artist is Online” within Decentraland, a block-chain-based virtual reality platform. On view through April 21 are digital works from artists like Aaron Scheer, Ai-Da Robot, Gretchen Andrew, Rachel De Joode, Stine Deja, Olive Allen, Thomas Webb, Andy Picci, Emma Stern, Manuel Rossner, Ben Elliot, and more.

König is the first to rent and build a commercial gallery showing art on the VR platform. Artist Manuel Rossner was invited to create a 3D model of the gallery’s Berlin home, a former church designed by Werner Düttman and Arno Brandlhuber. And since this is a digital world, Rossner was able to blast a hole in the side of the nave and create a winding pathway up to the exterior tower. Via “The Artist is Online,” Decentraland users are able to view digital works within their natural habitat. 

Highlights include the work of Gretchen Andrew, who makes use of metadata and search engine optimization (SEO) to place her work on top of Google search results. Her digital art is transformed into a performance, commenting on the algorithms that dominate our world today. “The Artist is Online” also explores the topic of artificial intelligence through the feature of paintings by Ai Da, a humanoid robot and artist. Her work poses a question on the creative abilities of AI, as well as the future of art.

The virtual exhibition was accompanied by an the gallery’s first NFT auction which took place March 26-31 on Opensea. 

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