UGEAVISEN | 10 February 2022

“We are both very grateful and proud that we have succeeded in acquiring these striking works…” Carlsberg Foundation’s acquisition of five new artworks by internationally renowned artists for their collection, all of which centre around the them of DNA. One of the works is Stine Deja’s sculptural and digital work entitled Crisp(r) Creatures, 2021.

Five new works for the art museum

Donation: Esbjerg Kunstmuseum has a good relationship with the New Carlsberg Foundation. It has just purchased five works for the museum, all of which have been part of the exhibition, Wunderkammer, which has been on display in various versions at the museum over the past few years.

The Foundation has now been granted money for the purchase of five works. These are very different works by internationally renowned artists:

Two works on wood and aluminium respectively by American Jaq Chartier: Hunting Color (Spectrum), 2018 and SunTest #6 from 2019, the cinematic work Infected from 2001 by British Gina Czarnecki, the video Resonance 1 (2008) by established Danish multi-artist Christian Skeel, and the video sculpture Crisp(r) Creatures, created especially for the exhibition at Esbjerg Kunstmuseum in 2021 by up-and-coming Danish artist Stine Deja.

Each of them deals more or less with the smallest building block of human beings, DNA, and various dazzling future scenarios that DNA research can paint. Director Inge Merete Kjeldgaard is quite pleased – “We are both very grateful and proud that we have succeeded in acquiring these striking works. This will give us very current and sharp updates of the main artistic positions that are so central to the museum’s collection. And once again we have met with the unparalleled benevolence of the Ny Carlsberg Foundation, which with this generous donation is once again helping to give our museum a boost.

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