CLOT MAGAZINE | 29 July 2020

Bill Posters’ online show Dissimulation, on view on Annka Kultys’ digital platform [The art happens here], has been featured in a CLOT Magazine review.

Online exhibition: ‘Bill Posters: Dissimulation’ at Annka Kultys Gallery

[The art happens here] is an online platform dedicated to the showcasing of digital art in its natural habitat launched by Annka Kultys, a gallery specialised in artists making art that engages with technology and the internet.

Until August 10th is on view the exhibition Bill Posters: Dissimulation, an online exhibition of two ‘deep-fake’ new media works that critically interrogate humankind’s relationships with new technologies of power, hierarchies of knowledge and the broader systemic tensions that exist concerning dataism, privacy, surveillance capitalism and democracy.

Both works in Dissimulation —Veridical fakes (2020, 4 min 52 sec) and Big Dada (2019, 3 min 05 sec)— are made up of a series of visual narrative deep fake new media pieces featuring monologues from the artificial intelligence (AI)-synthesized personas of current global celebrities. The celebrities whose synthesised personas feature in Veridical fakes are Morgan Freeman; Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump; Mark Zuckerberg, Marcel Duchamp, and Freddy Mercury; the world-renown performance artist Marina Abramović. 

London based artist Barnaby Francis works under the pseudonym Bill Posters. He is an artist-researcher interested in art as research and critical practice. Through his work, Posters explores computational forms of image-making that include deep fakes and deep video portraits. 

Dissimulation is an extension of Spectre, the hyperreality concept created by Bill Posters and Daniel Howe.

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