GOWITHYAMO | 9 June 2017

Signe Pierce’s exhibition Faux Realities at Annka Kultys Gallery has been previewed by Gowithyamo.

Signe Pierce | Annka Kultys Gallery

New York-based, multi-media “reality artist”, Signe Pierce, presents ‘Faux Realities’ a solo show of over thirty original photographs. This show illuminates the highly saturated, hyper-real world that Pierce inhabits and creates in her images. Identifying herself as ‘Trans-American”, Pierce divides her time between New York and LA. For Pierce, LA is her muse as she gravitates towards light and colour and “loves the feeling of tropicalia”. While back in New York, Pierce takes what she loves and subverts it into a hyper-reality for “colour and lighting is a form of therapy”.

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