HUNGER TV | 8 June 2017

Hunger TV has reviewed Signe Pierce’s solo show, Faux Realities, at Annka Kultys Gallery, questioning what is real in an increasingly simulated world.

Faux Realities is Questioning what’s Real in an Increasingly Simulated World

“Because heavenly fire no longer falls on corrupted cities, it is the camera lens that, like a laser, comes to pierce lived reality in order to put it to death” – Jean Baudrillard

[T]he quote from French cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard that opens NY-based reality artist Signe Pierce’s London show is indicative of the questions her work posits. In a world monitored by unabating surveillance, her images (all shot on an iPhone) challenge how objective this perception of reality can really be. Featuring over 30 original photographs from the artist’s body of hyperreal New York and Los Angeles aesthetics, Faux Realities creates a heightened vision of American excess and decay with lush palm trees, deserted shopping malls, lurid reflections and omnipresent CCTV.

The images are self-organised, selected from the way they existed through the echo chambers of Instagram and other digital channels. In Faux Realities, Signe exchanges the context of a digital screen for a physical gallery space, allowing the audience to consider if the transition of an image from online to offline make it feel more or less real. Once again, the assumption of authenticity is challenged, are the images still real if they are staged? Some of them are, some are photoshop, but the images question the assumed significance of this truth when nearly everything we consume in contemporary media is coerced by digital manipulation.

Faux Realities is Signe Pierce’s first solo exhibition in the UK, showing at Annka Kultys Gallery in East London until July 1st. Take a look at some of her work below and energise your feed by following Signe Pierce on Instagram @SignePierce.

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