MOUSSE MAGAZINE | 14 July 2016

The gallery group exhibition Zero Zero on view at Annka Kultys Gallery is featured in Mousse Magazine. 

Annka Kultys Gallery is pleased to present Zero Zero, a group exhibition curated by Arvida Byström, Ada Rajkovic and Molly Soda.

Exploring ‘reality’ and ‘virtual space,’ the exhibition will present a group of works by artists who employ both traditional materials and/or digital media to create new, imaginary landscapes.  The show will include videos, photography, sculptures, prints, and paintings, navigating the intersection between the virtual and the real.

Artists included in the show: Ivana Basic, Arvida Byström, Maisie Cousins, Ivan Liovik Ebel, Cao Fei, Oliver Haidutschek, Lucy Hardcastle, Eric Mack, Jennifer Mehigan, Vince Mckelvie, Signe Pierce, Molly Soda and Konrad Wyrebek.

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