THE ART GORGEOUS | 30 March 2021

The Art Gorgeous interview Gretchen Andrew on how she feels about 2020 and whether it has affected her practice.

Real Talk – How the Art World Feels One Year After The First Lockdown

By The Fempire

It’s been a whole year since the world forced itself inside. And while we stayed indoors, galleries emptied out, museums closed their doors and art fairs became almost non-existent. In that time though, we had the birth of the online viewing room, a Clubhouse craze and a surge in interest in something called NFTs. As we pass the one year mark since Covid-19 completely changed our lives, we decided to check in with our art squad to see how they’re really feeling one year on.

Gretchen Andrew, Artist @gretchenandrew

In the art world we can fall into a trap of always looking towards some illusive center and feeling insecure about where we are in relation to it.  The year of lockdown happened to coincide with an explosion of awareness about my work and while it’s odd to have appeared on the stage at a time of isolation, especially when there’s so much party visualized in my work, it’s helped me keep an eye on what’s important which for me is the community and the work.  

My vision boards are ostensibly about wanting professional success but are equally about desire and aspiration, about wanting to belong while acknowledging we are all co creators. And as the world’s creators we don’t need to be “invited” to feel secure.

Saras Rachupalli, Founder & CEO Kovet.Art @kovetdotart

The past year in lockdown has been tumultuous for the art world and the world in general but we are a creative and resilient bunch! We have seen it all from VR galleries, zoom panel discussions, virtual artist studio visits, Insta lives and clubhouse chats with artworld icons, 24 hour live international auctions to soaring NFTs. Unfortunately, museums and other institutions globally have taken a hit, and we cannot wait to immerse ourselves in art in person. This has been a defining year for us, challenging a few deeply held paradigms in the art world while responding to and navigating through unexpected shifts. At Kovet.Art we are constantly creating new models of accessing and appreciating contemporary art and we now collaborate with emerging curators who are recent graduates from leading UK universities to focus on their unique voice with New Futures Digital at our recently launched Art Vault. Our current show is focused on Slade School of Fine Art, UCL and is curated by Victoria Cantons. A show focused on the Royal College of Art graduates is coming soon! 

This coming year, I see an increase in alliances and collaborations in the art world, new market movers, and innovative uses of technology. Delving back into the art parties and gallery openings may sound exciting to some but will look different for everyone as we negotiate with our new reality and define the new normal.”

Barbora Půlpánová, Founder of Eduart Experience, @eduartexperience

I have been missing the physical presence of art so much that I acquired new pieces for my home to keep me company during lockdown. I have also been very happy to help other art lovers with finding the best fit for them in terms of gaining an artwork. In my opinion, art has the power to transform your private space into a creative and cultural sanctuary. So, although it is very sad we can´t go to galleries and museums, I can see a growing demand for art education and interest in art collecting here in the Czech Republic.

Natasha Arselan, Founder AucArt

I miss seeing work IRL, studio visits, travelling & the social side, however I am enjoying working closely with my team, our artists & guest curators, researching and planning without background noise and endless FOMO.

Laurence De Valmy, Artist @laurencedevalmy 

On one hand it seemed the art world was put to a stop with the cancellations of most shows and fairs. On the other hand, I feel that art has been put back at the center of our lives since it was the only way to escape. Of course I look forward to in person exhibitions ; but online is here to stay.

Stephanie Manasseh, Founder, SM Art Advisory @stephaniemanasseh

It has been a strange and difficult year for all of us, but I think that we have all had the time to reflect and to put everything into perspective. I truly believe that a lot of learning has taken place and this includes in the art world, as well. I feel that so many great projects have been brewing, so many wonderful artworks have been produced, so many great partnerships have been put into place and  I am looking forward to our Renaissance.

Karen Vidangos, Social Media at Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery and Founder of Latina In Museums, @latinainmuseums

Not only is social media my job, but we’ve all spent the past year looking to digital platforms for what has replaced talks, programs, and exhibitions so I have serious screen fatigue a year later. Add to it that in DC, most of the museums are still closed so I have FOMO seeing people actually in museums and galleries elsewhere around the country. I cannot wait to finally be able to see and experience art in person. I imagine that it will make already powerful works even more magnetic after such a long time away from it. 

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