VICE | 9 December 2015

VICE has profiled Motelscape, a neon-drenched collaboration between five artists, including Signe Pierce.

‘Motelscape’ Is a Trippy, Neon-Soaked Antidote to Boring Art Shows

By Elizabeth Renstrom

Motelscape is an immersive installation that appeared inside of the Love Suite in the Miami Princess Hotel on December 4. The show—organized by artists Marina Fini, Signe Pierce, and Sierra Grace—featured custom neon and LED light pieces by Sydney Krause aka the Electrical Engineer Barbie and a commissioned Tumblr curtain collage by Peggy Noland.

Fini, Pierce, and Grace are all artists who build unique worlds through their photos and videos, and the curation of a physical space seems like the next logical step for them. Inside Motelscape, everything can be repurposed and reimagined for art’s sake: towels, bedsheets, whatever. Fini debuted a new series of handmade plexiglass furniture that complemented the room’s light show. The love motel’s heart-shaped bed and jacuzzi, stripper pole, and ample infinity mirrors added to the simulated paradise, and the show was a welcome alternative to the cubicle-esque, white-walled art fairs that have come to oversaturate South Beach during Art Basel.

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