HUNGER TV | 24 January 2018

Signe Pierce has been listed by Hunger TV as one of “five female visual artists to follow right now” alongside peers Juno Calypso, Maisie Cousins, Alice Joiner and Alice Skinner.

Five Female Visual Artists to Follow Right Now

[I]nstagram has presented a new, (somewhat) democratic route into the art world. Galleries, typically owned and operated by the elite, are struggling to keep up with a new wave of visual artists amassing dedicated followings of new age art fans finding their visual fix online. And women are leading the way.

When translated to a gallery space, these artists show their work has scale and an immersive quality not immediately associated with a six-inch screen. But however it is consumed, the work is subversive, original and in high demand. See five of our favourites below.

Alice Joiner

Signe Pierce

Maisie Cousins

Alice Skinner

June Calypso

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