WASHINGTON POST | 18 June 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

The Washington Post recently featured Gretchen Andrew in an article about net artists and the challenges they face working in a decentralised, evolving environment such as the web. Andrew explains the role the digital has in her artistic practice, and how her background working at Google gives her the opportunity to create ‘with the scrutiny of a renegade insider’. You can read the full feature by Kelsey Ables here.


Annka Kultys Gallery

Molly Soda has been featured by Kesley Ables in the article An introduction to the world of Net Art for the Washington Post as one of the principal artists to know when being introduced to the world of digital art. Referring to Soda, Ables writes: “Imbued with a gnawing emptiness, so much of Soto’s work seems to teeter on the brink of a breakdown, raising the question, how much sharing is too much? In one video, Soto details the fungus growing in her armpit. In another, her face, wet with tears, glows on a computer screen while she takes iPhone selfies.” You can read the full article here.

ELEPHANT | 5 May 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Molly Soda has been featured by Rosalind Duguid in her article Got Cabin Fever? Explore the Art of Looking Through Windows for Elephant. Duguid writes: “Twenty-five years down the line, Tumblr-famous Molly Soda was regularly updating 30,000 people (myself among them) on the internet. Soda’s work since has played with the feelings of the thrill and anxiety induced by carving out a window into your life online.” You can read the entire article here.

METAL MAGAZINE | 23 April 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Metal Magazine has published an interview with Stine Deja. Focusing on her most recent practice and works, Deja explains: “I don’t necessarily seek answers, I’m more interested in dialogue and reflection, and that’s exactly what art is so great at. I think art is not only the tangible works inside a gallery or museum setting, but it’s also the streams of thoughts you leave with as a result of encountering artworks”. To read the full article by Arnau Salvadò, click here.

TIME OUT | 21 April 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Time Out recommends an online talk held by Molly Soda and part of the live programming for Well Now WTF?, an online exhibition by Silicon Valet. The event features a digital tour of Soda’s favourite Tumblr accounts and a discussion about how the platform evolved through time. Find more details here.

GARAGE | 22 March 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Molly Soda has been featured on Garage in relation to her solo exhibition You Got This at Jack Barrett Gallery. Soda is quoted saying “I believe that we’re all sort of performing. I’m performing when I talk to the cashier at Target too. We’re obsessed with understanding the authentic self, but it’s fictionalized. We need people to toe these lines between authentic and fake.” Click here to read the full article by Hannah Hightman.

CLOT MAGAZINE | 13 February 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Laura Netz, contributor at CLOT Magazine, features Stine Deja’s work Cryptic Ruins in her article, in relation to Deja’s participation in the show Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy at Somerset House. Netz writes: “Stine Deja’s body of works includes media such as 3D animation, immersive installation, moving image, and digital surrogates to simulated spaces, uncanny avatars, not-quite-real products which provoke fascination and revulsion with our hyper-commercialized contemporary culture.” You can read the full feature about art and toxic wellness culture here.

I DO ART | 15 June 2019

Annka Kultys Gallery

In occasion of Stine Deja’s last installation in the Danish sports center Holbæk Sportsby, the editors Rikke Luna and Matias from I Do Art.dk reveal the challenges Deja encountered when perceiving the project, and the research opportunities of exhibiting in such a peculiar, unexpected setting. You can read the full article (in Danish) here.

BERLINGSKE | 17 May 2019

Annka Kultys Gallery

On the occasion of their nomination for the Remmen Foundation Art Prize 2019 for Synthetic Seduction, their show at Annka Kultys Gallery in March 2018, Stine Deja and Marie Munk have been featured by Stine Hansen as “tomorrow’s stars in the arts”. In the short interview, Deja and Munk talk about their practice as a duo and the interconnections between art and society. You can read the full article here (in Danish).

PASTE MAGAZINE | 25 March 2019

Annka Kultys Gallery

Molly Soda’s new video game titled Wrong Box has been featured as one of the 10 best games of GDC 2019. Holly Green, the author of the article published on Paste Magazine, explains her choice by reporting: “Wrong Box is such a nostalgic specimen of the online world I once knew, a veritable walking tour through my teenage social life, from the shiny blinged clip art and the crude pop-up ads, to the niche web forums and tacky personal pages, each bursting with the hope and promise of random but meaningful human connection”. Click here to read the article.

V MAGAZINE | 13 February 2019

Annka Kultys Gallery

On the occasion of the release of her new videogame titled Wrong Box, Molly Soda has been featured by editor Hannah Hightman in V Magazine. Highlighting how the digital world has changed and evolved through the last decades, the text puts an accent on Soda’s nostalgia for “going online as a conscious decision”. The artist explains: “I used to make time in my day to sit down at the computer and surf the web. I long for that feeling of being lost online, of being surprised and excited by whatever I had found. The internet is no longer a special place away from the world, but instead a tool for navigating the world.” Read the full article here.

PYLON HUB | 13 December 2018

Stine Deja’s series of videos Hard Core, Soft Body has been featured in Pylon Hub in the occasion of her recent installation at Schimmel Projects Art Center, Dresden. Underlining the contrapositions between humans and technology, key in Deja’s practice, the article reports that “HARD CORE, SOFT BODY investigates the complexity of the human physique and exemplifies an idea of how technology offers a way of maximizing it’s physical potential”. Read the full piece here.

DROOL | 9 September 2018


DROOL Creatives has featured Short Term MemoriesOlga Fedorova’s second solo show at Annka Kultys Gallery. The exhibition features three large scale prints on glass, a video on a new type of transparent glass screen that the artist has developed, and three granite sculptures. To check out the listing, click here.

LAZY OAF | 28 April 2018

annka kultys gallery

In a new guide to the city, London-based blog Lazy Oaf has listed Annka Kultys Gallery as its contemporary art choice. The author writes, “Upstairs from an unassuming row of shops by Cambridge Heath station, you’ll find one of the leading platforms for a future generation of artists. With a focus on multimedia art, Annka Kultys encourages these artists to bring their work from digital and online platforms into the gallery space, marking it out as different from your average gallery experience.” Check out the full guide here.

SELFRIDGES | 26 April 2018


The Selfridges Eye, a new editorial project focusing on individuals who challenge conventions and defy expectations, has featured Signe Pierce’s solo show Metamirrorism. The author writes, “Walking into the space is like stepping into a digital blender – or, in layman’s terms, as if the internet had vomited on itself. But look a little closer and there is no digital trickery at play here; this is reality remixed.” To read the full article, click here.

TIMEOUT | 26 March 2018


TimeOut has reviewed Metamirrorism, Signe Pierce’s second solo show at AKG. They write: “Ever thought you look so good you belong in an art gallery? Well, here’s your chance.” You can find the full review here.

VICELAND | 14 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

VICELAND program SLIDESHOW interviews Signe Pierce about her series Faux Realities (2017), which recently showed at Annka Kultys Gallery. Pierce explains: “Theres something almost therapeutic about color, beauty and light; but there is an element of tragedy that hovers over these pictures.” Watch the full interview here.

TANK MAGAZINE | 6 October 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja spoke on Tank Magazine about her second solo exhibition There’s Life Outside at Annka Kultys Gallery. Deja talks about “how the show is intended to expose  the ways in which our lives are increasingly artificial.” Read the full interview here.


Annka Kultys Gallery

Signe Pierce’s exhibition Faux Realites was reviewed by Art Maze International art critic Christina Nafziger. Nafziger writes,  first solo show “Annka Kultys Gallery has brought thought-provoking exhibitions to East London that have generated a dialogue surrounding new, digital techniques being utilized by contemporary artists. Its Summer exhibition Faux Realities, showcasing the photography of artist Signe Pierce , proved to be of no exception.” Read the complete article here.

FAD | 10 July 2017

Annka Kultys Gallery

Tabitha Steinberg interviews Anne Vieux on FAD and asks her about her work and recent exhibition at Annka Kultys Gallery. Elaborating on the show’s title Mesh, Vieux states, “I was thinking about the barrier between screens and the body as one layer of mesh, as well as the architecture of the gallery as a mesh. The more I thought about mesh, I was able to structure ideas around mediation, the body, femininity.” Read the full interview here.