FLASH ART | 11 December 2020


In Flash Art, Alex Estorick writes about Gretchen Andrew’s work and her innovative artistic approach. He notes that the artist is both ‘preoccupied with infiltrating the art market and critiquing the deeply sexist organisational structure of Silicon Valley’. Read the full article here.

THE ART NEWSPAPER | 11 November 2020


Rachel de Joode, Berlin-based multimedia artist talks about her new works on show at London’s Annka Kultys Gallery, interviewed by Olivia Gavoyannis. De Joode says that when she views art in person, she sometimes moves closer out of reflex. “Phones are almost a prosthetic for the way we look at art… we now have to move around [artwork] in order to activate the kinds of zooming in and out we could easily accomplish on a screen,” she says. Read now

THE ART NEWSPAPER | 2 November 2020


The Art Newspaper presents Gretchen Andrew’s work ’The Next American President’, a project that the artist qualifies as ‘a power trip’ enabling her to ‘reprogram the internet and to make it what I want it to be’. That way Andrew inserts herself into major cultural events and political discourse. Read the full article here

CNN STYLE | 31 October 2020


CNN features Gretchen Andrew’s project ‘The Next American President’ in which the artist puts forward her desire toward the upcoming election rather than her personal ambitions. Her work is both a political statement and a wish to encourage internet literacy and shift how we use it as a tool. Read the complete article here



‘Soft Paintings’, the exhibition by Rachel de Joode has been reviewed in Organ Thing, in which Sean Worrall notes that the body of work ‘is beautifully tactile, it is so tempting to reach out and touch the pieces’. Read the complete review here.

SPRINGERIN | September 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Stine Deja is the protagonist of an in-depth, detailed article published on the third 2020 issue of Springerin. The feature dives deep into Deja’s practice and explores with profound sophistication the theories that stand behind her artistic career. The writer, Barbara Seyerl, reports: “Like the technological posthumanists´ and transhumanists´ imaginations of a utopian digital afterlife, Deja´s works interpret the digital realm as a refuge and an escape from an increasingly menacing world.” You can purchase a physical copy of the magazine here.

THE CALIFORNIAN | 4 September 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Gretchen Andrew is now having a solo show at the Monterey Museum of Art, CA, and for the occasion she has been interviewed by The Californian. In the article, which you can find at this link, Andrew introduces the exhibited works and the show, which she defined as “positive,” “feminine,” “powerful”. You can read the full article here.

ART REVIEW | 17 April 2020

Annka Kultys Gallery

Welcome to the Art-Lovers Movie Club, where every week you’ll find a new artist’s video available exclusively online at artreview.com for seven days.

If you’ve ever come across any ‘wellness’ products, you’ll know they can be a bit helpful, a bit expensive and also a bit self-indulgent and silly. These are the ideas that Danish London-based artist Stine Deja emphasises in 4K ZEN, her two-part project originally commissioned for the Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2017. The first video works as a commercial showcasing the product: a guided meditation video that comes with a branded mat and this sensory-isolating thingamajig resembling a VR headset. The second video is the actual meditation you are guided through: serene nature scenes, whooshing sounds of water, the full works. Yet nothing is quite as calm as it first seems. “The sunlight from the clear blue sky is catching the tops of the waves in the distance” the narrator intones. “The whole ocean seems to shimmer and sparkle like paparazzis snapping perfect pictures of you.” Take a deep breath and… relax?

Screening dates: 17–23 April 2020

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FLUXO | 2017


Fluxo promotes ‘Hybrid Layers’, a group show exhibited at ZKM in Karlsruhe in which the artist Rachel de Joode presents her work. To see more images of the exhibition, see the full article here.

ANOTHER | 18 March 2016

Annka Kultys Gallery

Hello, this is Dash at AKG is reviewed by Another magazine. Annka Kultys is quoted saying: “Now, I am showing his work because I believe that his works are a bridge between his generation and the new Instagramming generation who also makes the private public.” Read the full article here.

MYTEMPLART | 13 November 2015

Annka Kultys Gallery

Annka Kultys was interviewed by Maria Teresa Ortoleva about AKG’s debut exhibition Desire of the Other. “Desire of the Other was a curatorial project that pulled together ideas from a decade of observations about collecting behaviours. It was a commentary on what I observed in the market and the growing importance of new collectors in promoting artists in unexpected ways.” says Kultys. Read the full interview here.

FLUXO | 2015

Fluxo reviews Rachel de Joode’s work from her group show ‘Touch-tone’ at Martos Gallery. De Joode questions the limits of photography as an artistic medium. Read the complete article here.

ART IN AMERICA | 29 October 2014

In Art in America, Brian Droitcourt discusses ‘Post-Internet art’, referring to art being made in the context of digital technology. He mentioned Rachel de Joode as an artist exploring photographic digital documentation and ‘walking around the flimsy plinths, which were arranged in rows to suggest a sense of depth that each lacked alone, I felt like I was an intruder on a stage’. Read the complete article here.